World’s First Hemp-Based Meat to Launch Early Next Year!

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Move over CBD edibles, the first hemp-burger is (almost) here!

The New Zealand-based company, Sustainable Foods, has developed a sustainable alternative to meat. Namely, the company already produces other plant-based meat substitutes, and some of them even contain hemp for nutritional value. However, through its subsidiary The Craft Meat co., Sustainable Foods will launch the world’s first hemp-based meat in early 2021 in partnership with the medical cannabis company — Greenfern Industries.

Researchers from Massey University’s Riddet Institute and experts from Sustainable Foods have been testing and developing the meat substitute for months. As Rei and Justin Lemmens, the founders of Sustainable Foods, explain, the team settled on a couple of products that are environmentally friendly and rich in protein and dietary fiber.

They also say that the team wasn’t focused on creating a meat substitute that would replicate meat in every way, but the experience of eating their hemp-based meat is fairly similar to eating chicken.

Greenfern Industries are known for their highly sustainable hemp farming practices. Better yet, all the hemp used for the meat substitute is locally sourced. On top of that, most of their plastic packaging is made from recycled materials.

At any rate, this product will definitely have a profound impact on the environment. The main benefit of practicing an exclusively plant-based diet is minimizing the huge carbon footprint generated by the meat industry. 

As people are becoming increasingly aware of the positive environmental impact plant-based meat and dairy substitutes bring, these types of products are rapidly gaining popularity.

The teams behind the hemp-based meat still need to conduct a few product trials, but they hope to launch their revolutionary product in early 2021.