You’re Taking Too Much — Doctor’s THC Dose Recommendation

Health News - THC Doctor's Recommendation

Edibles are becoming so popular in Canada, it’s estimated that they’ll make up for half of the cannabis market in the near future. Although they seem fun to people who are just starting to explore the vast world of cannabis-infused products, or the ones who are trying to quit smoking, eating too much can cause an extremely unpleasant experience.

Just like Dr. Jenna Valleriani, CEO at NICHE, says—“you can always take more.” Now, despite her claiming that it’s virtually impossible to overdose on cannabis, some of the side effects of consuming too many edibles include vomiting and nausea, anxiousness, increased heart rate, and paranoia. These side effects should dissipate after some 6 to 8 hours, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So, how to find the perfect dose for you?

The maximum amount per single serving should not exceed 10 mg of THC, as Health Canada has determined. However, this is not the recommended dose. The actual recommended dose per single serving is somewhere between 2.5 and 5 mg of THC. If you only recently started experimenting with edibles, the lower the dosage, the better. This is also recommended for people older than 60, and the ones sensitive to THC. Dr. Valleriani also recommends testing the lower doses several times before determining whether to increase them or not; oftentimes, people who are still new to cannabis report that they feel nothing after the first few tries.

There are also several factors that can make people more sensitive to THC. That is why, before consuming the edibles, people should consider whether they’re experiencing PMS, feeling hungry or tired, anxious, or have some other medical condition that could amplify the effects of THC. People’s gender and weight can influence the experience. Moreover, if the person in question has eaten a lot of fatty foods that day, their organism will absorb THC much faster.

It takes anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours for the THC to enter the bloodstream—hence why it’s recommended to wait for at least 2 hours before having another edible. After the blood absorbs the THC, the person should feel relaxed and calm. If the feeling is too intense, they’ve consumed too much; if they feel nothing, it’s recommended they wait one day before giving it another go. The experience will be enjoyable only if the dosage is increased gradually over time.

Dr. Valleriani also warns that homemade edibles can have incredibly high doses of THC. To this end, she calls for caution when calculating the exact THC dose per single serving.

Additionally, she advises against mixing edibles with alcohol since THC can increase the potency of alcohol.

Overall, edibles can be a fun way of trying cannabis, yet it’s important to take small steps first and gradually increase the THC levels until you find your perfect dose. Doing so will guarantee an enjoyable and pleasant experience.

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