Does CBD Oil Expire and How Can You Tell It’s Off

Does CBD Oil Expire

Does CBD oil expire

The short answer: “yes!” However, it’s a bit more complicated than that. 

For one, we need to consider certain factors (namely, the quality, the brand, the extraction method used, etc.) when talking about the shelf life of CBD products.

In this article, we’ll go more in-depth on all of these factors, as well as provide quick tips on how best to store it and extend its duration.

Time’s ticking, so let’s get started!

How Long Does CBD Oil Last

Depending on the type of container, CBD oil can last anywhere from 14 months to 2 years. And no matter the quality of the CBD oil product, all good things come to an end; even the highest-quality CBD oil has an expiration date, which should be prominently displayed on the label.

That said, higher-quality goods — especially those lightly processed, such as full-spectrum CBD oil — tend to last longer. Moreover, pure CBD oils have longer shelf lives, in general, compared to flavored oils as any added substances may shorten their lifespan.

Does CBD Oil Expire?

Like all organic products, CBD oil loses its potency and breaks down over time — hence why you need to replace old, expired products with new, potent ones. And this can happen either due to improper storage conditions or when the two-year shelf life has passed.

Also, note that as cannabinoids degrade, they not only lose their potency but can also make you sick. In other words, never use a CBD product after its expiration date.

CBD Oil Expiration Factors to Consider

Getting to the bottom of what causes CBD oil to expire will save you both time and money, as well as spare you a nasty headache (and similar CBD side effects) caused by spoiled CBD products.

Here’s what you should look out for in particular:

Brand Reputation

We highly recommended sticking only to trusted brands that have a robust reputation among their CBD customers. More often than not, these businesses use only organic products and they usually stay clear of any harmful components in their formulas. The evidence? Third-party lab results available online or upon request.

What’s more, if you prefer buying CBD in person instead of online, we recommend going to a local cannabis dispensary, or at the very least, a specialty store that knows what they’re talking about.

The Type of CBD

When looking at the CBD oil expiration date, it’s worth noting that not all CBD types are created equal. Namely, of the three CBD variants, CBD isolates should have the longest longevity in theory.

For one, unlike full- and broad-spectrum CBD, it does not (or at least should not) contain any additional ingredients apart from CBD in its purest form.

Full- and broad-spectrum CBD, on the other hand, both contain other botanical ingredients like plant waxes and essential oils that degrade faster than CBD. 

And just for the record, THC plays no role in a product’s expiration date.

The Extraction Method Used

CO2 extraction is the gold standard when it comes to producing high-quality oil. For starters, it keeps the compound stable throughout the extraction process, producing higher quality yields as a result.

So, can CBD oil go bad when it’s poorly processed? 


For instance, with methanol extraction, there’s a high chance the CBD could destabilize during the process, resulting in a lower quality product and shorter shelf life, too.

The Quality of Hemp

Hemp is a hyperaccumulator. Meaning, it readily absorbs all the content from its environment, both bad (read: toxic) and good.

For example, when heavy metals are present in the soil and plants are sprayed with pesticides, the plants absorb the heavy metals and pass them on to the final product. Note, that it is possible to remove these harmful chemicals during the extraction process, but at the expense of the extract’s cannabinoid profile due to high temperatures.

All in all, seeing how the number of licensed hemp growers increased by 27% in the US, finding organic-grown hemp in clean and nutrient-rich soil should not be a problem.

Other Ingredients

What goes into the end product is important as it can greatly alter its shelf life; the old adage “less is more” is most definitely true here. In other words, the more ingredients a CBD product has, the more chance those ingredients will impact how quickly the CBD oil will expire.

Therefore, before you make your purchase, be sure to check the certificate of analysis, including the label on the back. Essential oils, for instance, offer more than just aromatherapy and flavor for your oils.

Namely, some essential oils are naturally antibacterial and antifungal, which could result in longer shelf life for the product in question. Additives such as artificial coloring and flavorings, on the other hand, may change the expiration date.

How You Store CBD Oil

According to numerous studies, light and heat accelerate the rate of decay of CBD oil — hence why storing it properly is so important; with the right light and heat conditions, it can stay fresh for up to two years.

How to Tell if CBD Oil Is Expired

The product should have a clear expiration date marked on its label at the back of the bottle.

However, in the case that the label comes off or you misplaced the original packaging, here are the signs you ought to look out for:

  • The oil has a peculiar odor; skunky, to be exact. Namely, fresh CBD oil should have an earthy scent and should not be unpleasant in any way.
  • It’s murky and thick. This is not to be confused with hazy, which can occur if the oil has been sitting in a cold area or when you refrigerate CBD oil.

Any cloudiness should go away within a few minutes when placed at room temperature, and the oil should return to its normal viscosity and color. Thickness and blackness, on the other hand, are indicators of decay.

  • It has a rotten flavor. CBD oil is frequently described as tasting “earthy,” “nutty,” or “grassy,” unless it’s artificially flavored.

Even if you don’t like certain flavors, you should be able to enjoy the taste. That said, expired CBD oil, like most other oils that have seen better days, will taste “off.”

What Happens When CBD Oil Goes Bad, and You Use It?

CBD oil past its expiration date isn’t dangerous; there will be no severe consequences, per se. Cannabinoids, as previously stated, degrade over time and lose their potency. Hence, the medicinal effects of CBD oil may be compromised if you use it after its expiry date.

Moreover, unlike other oils, CBD oil does not spoil. Therefore, taking a small amount of this out-of-date product will not cause you to become unwell. Still, it’s best to be cautious and throw away any product that has reached its shelf life.

Tips on How to Store CBD Oil

Did you know that you could potentially extend the shelf life of your CBD oil if you store it properly? Or rather it won’t go bad prematurely.

In order to do this, you need to keep two things in mind: light and heat. Namely, CBD is sensitive to both, so keep them out of reach of your bottle.

Here are a few other useful tips:

Access to Air Should Be Restricted

Cannabinoids deteriorate and lose their effectiveness when exposed to air. Hence, it’s ideal to keep your CBD oil in an airtight container, such as its original bottle if you want to keep its freshness and health benefits intact.

Store CBD Oil in a Dark and Cool Spot

As previously mentioned, direct sunlight and extreme heat should be avoided when using CBD oil. For one, it destroys CBD, other cannabinoids, and terpenes the same as air, significantly lowering the quality of the product; the oil oxidizes when exposed to intense light and heat, causing instability and evaporation.

Make Sure to Keep It Clean

To avoid contaminating the container with germs and other contaminants, always use a clean dropper or spoon each time you use CBD oil.

How to Extend CBD Duration (Shelf Life)

Here are some tips for keeping CBD oil fresh and intact:

  • Store CBD oils and tinctures in the coolest, darkest spot in your home. For instance, a cabinet, a pantry, drawers, and your cellar are all great places to store CBD.
  • Avoid storing your CBD in a room with a humidifier since too much moisture can encourage mold growth.
  • Only open the bottle when it’s needed, then secure the lid tightly. CBD is susceptible to oxidation, which reduces its shelf life.
  • Bottles should be stored vertically rather than horizontally.
  • Keep CBD oil away from windows. Any CBD product exposed to direct sunlight will have its quality degrade.
  • Keep CBD oil away from heat sources such as radiators and ovens in your home. Similarly, don’t keep CBD oil in your bag or pocket for extended periods of time. Bacteria can flourish in any warm environment.


Does CBD oil go bad? Yes, everything has an expiration date, including CBD oil. 

This is why investing in high-quality CBD oil is always a good idea as it lasts longer (more often than not). Moreover, even a decent bottle of CBD oil will not last long if you don’t store it properly, so bear these tips in mind.


How long is CBD oil good for after opening?

A bottle of CBD oil should last between 14 and 24 months on average. However, if you have CBD that is older than that, don’t panic. CBD that has reached the end of its shelf life is not poisonous and might not have lost all its potency.

Can CBD oil go bad in heat?

Heat and light have been shown to hasten CBD degradation, which is why careful storage is critical. CBD oil can last longer if it’s stored in the right conditions. In other words, being stored in a cool and dark place.

Does CBD oil need to be refrigerated?

This isn’t necessary if you already keep it adequately cool. All in all, it should be sufficient to keep CBD oil away from air, light, and heat.

How long does CBD oil last in the fridge?

CBD oil has a shelf life of up to two years, regardless of whether it is kept in the refrigerator or not; as it’s a natural product, it will inevitably go bad at some point (check the back of the bottle to know exactly when this is).

Does CBD oil lose its effectiveness over time?

Yes, cannabinoids deteriorate and lose their potency over time. This means that if you take CBD oil that is past its expiration date, you will not obtain the full therapeutic benefits of the product.