How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder: 8 Bud-Friendly Ideas

How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

If you’re one of the people who thought they would never have to learn how to grind weed without a grinder because they never leave the house without their precious weed accessories, this guide is probably not for you.

However, if you’re a topsy-turvy stoner (like us), you’ve probably borrowed your favorite grinder to your significant other (more than once) and forgot about it.

Here, we’ll offer you some of the best DIY methods to grind your precious weed, using the things you already have in the house.

Let’s get rolling!

8 Creative Ways to Grind Your Weed Without a Grinder

Here’s how you can achieve more or less the same quality of weed when you don’t have a grinder at hand.

1. Coffee Grinder  

How to grind weed with no grinder? Try using a coffee grinder! Just make sure it’s clean beforehand. You don’t want to smoke coffee leftovers, now do you. CBD-infused coffee already exists for a reason.

First, place your flower into the coffee grinder and use it as you normally would with coffee beans. However, be careful not to use the maximum speed. Instead, use the pulse function to have more control.

Moreover, don’t put big buds into the grinder to avoid clogging. Additionally, make sure your weed is dry. Otherwise, it will stick.

You don’t have a coffee grinder? No problem! Simply use a pepper grinder or a cheese grater (just watch your fingers).

2. Mortar and Pestle   

Want to learn how to grind up weed without a grinder using some old-fashioned shaman techniques? Here’s where your grandmother’s mortar and pestle will come in handy.

Again, make sure the weed is dry first. After that, separate the buds and make them smaller. Put the tiny buds inside the mortar and start grinding (one bud at a time).

While this is not the best method since you’ll lose a lot of residue, you’ll still be able to get a decent amount of weed for a small and pretty potent joint.

3. Cutting Board  

If the only thing you have in the kitchen is your mother’s cutting board, don’t worry, it can also become your grinding ally. Put the weed on the board and use a kitchen knife or a pizza cutter (the thing is sharper than you think) to cut your flower. You can even use a wooden rolling tray as your base.

How to finely grind your weed? Start by cutting the opposite end of the buds until you end up with small, grounded slices. Again, watch your fingers, please!

4. A Hammer and a Paper Bag  

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Put your weed into a paper bag and hit it with your mighty Mjölnir. Things to look out for:

  • Make sure the weed is dry
  • Use a firm surface as a base
  • And try not to break anything, Thor

5. Credit Card 

Want to learn how to grind weed with a credit card? Easy! Place your weed on the tray and use your credit card to start chopping it into pieces. Use the card’s sharp edges, and make sure your preferred card is sturdy. You don’t want to break it, now do you? After all, you still need it to buy yourself a perfect CBD flower. Or perhaps some white CBG flower.

6. Glass and Scissors 

If you own shot glasses, you’re in luck. No, you won’t be drinking your weed, don’t be silly! You can buy a cannabis drink for sure, but in this case, you’ll be using a super-creative method to grind your lovely flower. Besides the glass, you’ll also need a pair of nail scissors, so go and get one.

Now, fill the glass with the buds (the glass must be half full) and start cutting with scissors. Keep cutting until you get the desired size.

7. A Coin and a Pill Bottle  

Fancy learning how to grind up weed without a grinder using an empty bottle and a nickel? This might sound crazy, but trust us, it works like a charm.

Fill an empty pill bottle (up to 3/4) with weed. Now put the dime on the top layer of the weed, screw the lid back on, and shake the bottle for 1 to 2 minutes. The coin will grind your weed into small pieces.

Remember to clean the nickel and the bottle before using them!

8. Doing Things the Old-Fashioned Way

When there’s no other available option, you’ll need to learn how to grind weed by hand. Namely, you’ll have to pick the buds apart using the two perfect grinders attached to your body — your fingers.

Yes, this will take quite a while. However, it will also give you plenty of time to think about buying yourself a high-quality four-layered grinder.

The process is quite simple. Start with bigger buds and break them into smaller pieces. Use a flat surface to make the process easier and faster. The only real downside of this method is ending up with sticky fingers, so be sure to wash your hands with the right oil afterward!

Bonus: DIY Grinder

Want to learn how to grind weed without a credit card, a coffee grinder, mortar and pestle, and all the other methods we mentioned above? No problem! We’ll teach you how to make your own grinder.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Tape measure
  • Wood
  • Saw
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Wire mesh

Start by cutting the wood into four pieces. Two parts should be longer (5.9 inches long and 2.9 inches tall), and two should be smaller (2.9 inches long and 2.9 inches tall). This will be the grinder’s frame.

Use the nails to put the pieces together to get a rectangular shape.

Cut the wire mesh (15.9 × 2.9 inches) and nail it onto the top of your grinder’s frame, facing up.

Rub your weed against the mesh to start grinding.

I Got 99 Problems But the Grinder Ain’t One

Now that you’ve learned how to grind your weed without a grinder, impress your friends with your new abilities. All of the mentioned techniques will help you take your precious flower apart with ease (more or less). So take your pick! 

Just make sure to clean the items before and after you use them. And, please, watch your fingers!

Now, go and get that joint!  


Can you grind weed into powder?

Yes, you can, even without a grinder (that usually comes with a kief-catcher). However, you’ll need sturdy tools that hit harder than grinder’s teeth.

For example, a coffee grinder is strong enough to turn your buds into powder. Remember to clean the machine afterward to avoid drinking a highly potent coffee in the morning.

Can you grind weed with a razor?

Of course, you can. In fact, this technique is similar to grinding the buds with the kitchen knife or a pizza cutter. Put your buds on a clean wooden board and start taking them apart using a razor. However, be careful. The razor is much sharper than the knife.

Can you put weed in a food processor?

Yes, you can. Food processors have chopping blades that will cut your buds in a knick of time. They are also handy when you want to grind large amounts of weed. Just make sure to use only dry buds.

Unlike blenders, food processors will not make a puree out of your weed since their primary function is to slice, grate, and shred. What’s more, many people use food processors when baking edibles.

Therefore, how to grind weed without a grinder is easier than one may think.