A Thorough CBD Hemp Direct Review for 2020 — Yay or Nay?

CBD Hemp Direct Logo
  • CBD oil types full spectrum
  • Extraction method supercritical CO2
  • Origin Las Vegas, NV, US
  • Third-party lab results available
  • Shipping free for orders over $50
  • Return policy only for damaged products
  • Discounts loyalty program, discount codes, and pick-up price reduction

First Impressions

Once we heard this brand had 100+ products, we just knew we had to make a CBD Hemp Direct review of our own. In fact, this review can be seen as a mini user guide for its wide selection of products. 

Hence, we aim to present to you the full picture, including our criteria for quality, potency, purity, price comparison, and more. In addition, we’ll also review the overall shopping experience.

So, let’s get directly to it!

About CBD Hemp Direct

Founded: June 2019

Based in: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Website: https://cbdhemp.direct/

CBD Hemp Direct reviews (Google review): 4.9/5 stars (668 reviews)

Number of products: 100+

Retail Market: USA

Mission:To spread the good word about CBD and CBG”

CBD Hemp Direct is a licensed industry hemp grower and handler. Their CBD online store is closely linked with the Hemp World shop on Paradise Road in Las Vegas, as well as Trim Ready Inc.

In fact, this is where the magic happens — namely, where the CBD- and CBG-rich hemp plants are grown.

Best known for its original strains, this brand is certainly worth a closer look; much to the benefit of CBD shoppers all across the US.

CBD Hemp Direct Product Palette

The product range of CBD Hemp Direct is truly remarkable. Divided into 19 large categories, CBD Hemp Direct counts more than 100 hemp-based products.

But what exactly is hemp and what is it used for? Well, this CBD Hemp Direct review will give you a much better idea.

Hemp Flowers

There are around 16 CBD, and 3 CBG hemp flower strains with catchy names in this category, and to help you choose between them you can order two samples:

  • 10-strain hemp flower product sample
  • 6-strain CBD & CBG flower sample

The CBD Hemp Direct flower strains can be purchased in various sizes: 1.5g, 5g, 7g, 30g, 1/4lbs (113g), and 1/2lbs (226g).

CBD Flower Strains:

  • AC Diesel
  • Acapulco Gold
  • Casino Cookies
  • Charlotte’s Sauce
  • Durban Potion
  • Girl Scout Cookies (SCG)
  • Hemp World Haze
  • Honolulu Haze
  • Jazzy CBD
  • Juicy Fruit
  • Paradise OG
  • Sunset Road Sherbert
  • Tangie CBD
  • Trap Star CBD
  • Trophy Wife
  • Vegas Lights

CBG Flower Strains:

  • Desert Snow
  • Jazzy CBG Flower
  • Farmers Batch

The hemp flowers of these strains are regular in size, but there’s also the option of buying small buds from the 3 strains below.

Small Buds:  

  • Acapulco Gold
  • Honolulu Haze
  • Sunset Road Sherbert

CBD Hemp Direct reviews from customers suggest smoking the kief crystals from the resin of the hemp flower for those who prefer higher concentrates of cannabinoids and terpenes instead of smoking the flower itself. Luckily, CBD Hemp Direct has the right products.

Kief Nugs: 

  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Casino Cookies
  • Honolulu Haze
  • Paradise OG
  • Acapulco Gold

And if the Kief Nugs aren’t strong enough for you, the CBD and CBG flower Moon Rocks — 2g, 4g, and 8g sizes — can provide that extra kick during your smoking session, as confirmed by many a product review.

CBD Moon Rocks:

  • Paradise OG
  • Honolulu Haze

CBG Moon Rocks:

  • Desert Snow
  • Jazzy CBG

For all those loving these CBD- and CBG-enriched strains, there’s also the option of treating yourself with the 6-pack hemp seeds as well. 

CBD Seeds:

  • Casino Cookies

CBG Seeds: 

  • Desert Snow

The so-called “trims” — parts of the hemp flower that fall off during regular trimming — are also rich in CBD, CBG, and terpenes and are worth a hit.

CBD Flower Trims:

  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Paradise OG
  • Sativa CBD
  • Indica CBD
  • Acapulco Gold
  • Honolulu Haze
  • Sunset Road Sherbert
  • Casino Cookies

CBG Flower Trims:

  • Farmers Batch
  • Mix flower

CBD and CBG Edibles

Most of the edibles offered by CBD Hemp Direct are gummies with a wide range of flavors and forms, designed to make the customers’ CBD wellness routine even more enjoyable and fun.

Doing a CBD Hemp Direct edibles review is no easy task, mind you, seeing how the list is 21-items long; it’s hard picking favorites when you have a plethora of delicious-looking gummies.

Pet Edibles

Unfortunately for pet parents, there’s only one purchase option with this brand — the Berry Wine’s CBD Pet Treats. Albeit it’s the only option, it’ll still provide your furry companion with all the necessary CBD benefits for a happy and active life. The purity and potency tests for this item can also be found as an archived CBD Direct Hemp Berry Wine CBD flower review; in other words, their CoA.


Similarly, there is only one available CBD Hemp Direct tincture:

  • Honolulu Haze CBD Tincture

CBD + CBG Joints

We feel explaining this type of product is redundant. However, we are sure that the rich offer will not leave you indifferent.

CBD Joints (1g):

  • Indica
  • Durban Potion
  • Sativa
  • Tangie
  • Trophy Wife
  • Honolulu Haze

     CBG Joints (1g):

  • Desert Snow
  • Jazzy

     CBD Kief Joints (1.5g):

  • Paradise OG 
  • Honolulu Haze
  • Hemp World Haze
  • Sunset Road Sherbert
  • Juicy Fruit
  • Casino Cookies
  • Jazzy CBD

      CBG Kief Joints (1.5g): 

  • Desert Snow
  • Jazzy

If you’re strictly a hemp flower lover, just take a look at any CBD Hemp Direct blunt review and it’ll be more than enough to convince you to try them out.

CBD Blunts (1g): Paradise OG

CBG Blunts (1g): Desert Snow 

CBD Cigars (3g): Paradise OG

CBG Cigars (3g): Desert Snow 

  Available in 3 flavors: grape, strawberry, and natural.

CBD Kiefs (1.5g):

Honolulu Haze

Casino Cookies 

Juicy Fruit

Jazzy CBD

CBG Kief (1.5g): Desert Snow 

The same strains are available in the form of CBD and CBG hash (1.5g). 

CBD Concentrates:

CBD Concentrates (1g)

CBD Concentrates (1/2g)

 CBD Vapes:

Paradise OG Vape Pen

 Bulks (1/2lb): 

AC Diesel Flower (Untrimmed)  

Hemp Strains Quality Assessment

Lab Test Reports

During our Hemp Direct CBD reviews of the lab test results, we found that the cannabinoid content and terpenes count for hemp flower strains, kiefs, trims, vapes, and moon rocks, are all available online. Nevertheless, the tests showing the overall purity of the strains are not yet publicly available.

The complete CoA lab test should include:

Potency Tests

  • Cannabinoid test
  • Terpenes test

Purity Tests

  • Pesticides test
  • Solvents test
  • Heavy metals test
  • Mycotoxins test
  • Microbials test
  • Foreign matters test

Furthermore, for CBD and CBG edibles, tinctures, and concentrates only the cannabinoid content test is available online.

For some of the older strains — that are no longer available for purchase — customers had full access to every purity and potency lab tests, such as for the Direct CBD Harmony Hemp reviews for example. 

Unfortunately, this is not the case with the new strains of CBD and CBG flowers.

So, What Do CBD Direct Hemp Lab Tests Show?

Cannabinoid Content

CBD Hemp Direct flower strains are rich in several of the tested cannabinoids (11 to be exact).

Among these, the most frequently present are CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa, CBC, THC, and THCa.

In order to place products with higher potency and quality, CBD Hemp Direct developed CBD- and CBG-rich hemp strains. 

In addition, we are well aware that there is still one thing that many Hemp enthusiasts would like to find in this CBD Hemp Direct flower review

Will CBG Make Me High?  

The answer is — “No.” Yet, look on the bright side. Now you can consume it in much higher doses without risking a bad trip.

What Is the Difference Between CBD and CBG?

Although both of these cannabinoids have been shown obvious health benefits, both act differently on the human body.

Namely, CBD (cannabidiol) has a low affinity for cannabinoid receptors in the brain, and usually acts indirectly, whereas CBG (cannabigerol) fits directly into the CB1 and CB2 receptors on the nerve cell wall.

As a result, we get many positive effects on the symptomatic treatment of these conditions:

  • Glaucoma (lowers blood pressure in the eyes)
  • Cancer (inhibits tumor growth)
  • Crohn’s disease (reduces inflammation)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (alleviates cramps)


Our reviews on CBD Hemp Direct CBD and CBG content resulted in the table below.                                      

CBD and CBG Concentrations per Flower Strain  

CBD Strain CBD Concentration CBD Strain CBD Concentration
Paradise OG 24% AC Diesel 18.5%
Honolulu Haze 22.6% Girl Scout Cookies 17.3%
Hemp World Haze 22.6% Vegas Lights 17.3%
Sunset Road Sherbert 22.1% Charlotte’s Sauce 17.2%
Casino Cookies 20.7% Durban Potion 16.5%
Juicy Fruit 20.7% Trap Star CBD 14.5%
Jazzy CBD 19.7% CBG Strain CBG Concentration
Acapulco Gold 19.1% Desert Snow 21.8%
Tangie CBD 18.9% Farmers Batch 21.8%
Trophy Wife 18.8% Jazzy CBG Flower 19.7%

 Paradise OG is the most potent of the CBD strains of CBD Hemp Direct per CBD content (24% CBD), whereas Durban Potion has the lowest concentration of CBD (16.5%).

However, purely by the feeling they provide, we’ve listed Durban Potion and Girl Scouts Cookies as one of the most outstanding cannabis strains

CBD Hemp Direct CBG review shows that the flower strain Desert Snow has the highest CBG concentration (21.8%). 

CBD Joints (1g) CBD Kief Joints (1.5g)
Strain CBD Strain CBD
Indica 140mg Casino Cookies 330mg
Durban Potion 160mg Juicy Fruit
Sativa 170mg Sunset Road Sherbert  






Hemp World Haze 
Honolulu Haze Honolulu Haze
Hemp World Haze Paradise OG  360mg
Sunset Road Sherbert 220mg  
CBG Flower Joints CBD Kief Joints (1.5g)
Strain CBG Strain CBG
Desert Snow 210mg Desert Snow 420mg
Jazzy 190mg Jazzy 400mg

CBD Hemp Direct Gummi Review — CBD Content per Container

CBD + CBG Sour Quattros 120mg Jazzy CBD Licorice Bites 300mg
Small SPK Gummi 150mg Jazzy CBD Peach Gummi
Chocolate Chip Casino Cookie Cotton Candy Belts
Relaxed Frogs Gummi Caviar Gummi
Gummi Worms Honolulu Haze Gummi Volcanos
Cherry Wine Sour Gummi Berry Exotic Gummi Rings
Chillin Smurfs Gummi Chillin Smurfs Gummi 500mg
Jazzy CBD Pinklets Gummi 250mg Large SPK Gummi
Triple Stack Bears Gummi Casino Cookies & Cream Sandwich
Gummi Fish Sour Watermelon Gummi


CBG Edibles CBG content
CBG Gummi Frogs 150mg
CBG Peach Gummi 300mg
CBG Gummi Sharks
CBG Sour Colas
CBD + CBG Sour Quattros 180mg

All of the products in our CBD Hemp Direct review contain full-spectrum CBD oil with THC concentration below the legal limit of 0.3%.

CBD Strains per Effect

CBD has many health benefits but how will you actually feel them when smoking?

We’ve looked at every single reported effect to give you an overview.  

  Relax Relief Calm Chill Energy Uplifted Jazzed
AC Diesel X X          
Acapulco Gold         X  
Casino Cookies   X   X      
Durban Potion            
Hemp World Haze X   X        
Honolulu Haze X X      
Jazzy CBD   X     X
Juicy Fruit X       X    
Paradise OG X X X        
Sunset Rd Sherbert     X X  
Tangie CBD       X  
Trap Star       X   X  
Trophy Wife       X  
Vegas Lights   X  


CBD Flower Products

From $9.99 for just 1.5g of the CBD and CBG flower strains to $124.99 for AC Diesel Untrimmed flower bags (approximately 230g), the price range for CBD Hemp Direct is quite reasonable.

Product Type 


Price Range Product Type


Price Range
Flowers $9.99–$124.99 Edibles $15.99–$39.99
Small Buds     $49.99 Blunts $9.99–$10.99
Kief Nugs $29.99 Cigars $12.99
Moon Rocks      $24.99 Kiefs $19.99
Seeds $29.99 Hash $21.99–$24.99
Flower Trims $34.99–$59.99 Concentrates $24.99–$39.99
Joints $9.99–$12.99 Vapes     $27.99
Tinctures $27.99 Bulks $124.99

 Hemp Direct CBD Reviews of Discounts and Coupons

All-Customer Discounts:

  • Discount code CBD VIP
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Special “On sale” web page
  • Pick-up discount of 20% if you pick up your order from Hemp World shop in Las Vegas
  • Buy One Get One (BOGO) collections which count 25 products

Special Group Discounts:

  • There’s currently no information on this type of discount

CBD Hemp Direct Review of the Shipping Policy

  • Free USPS priority shipping for orders over $50
  • Flat shipping rate of $7 for ground orders under $50
  • For UPS and USPS shipments of high-value, the CBD Hemp Direct requires the customer’s signature to ensure the shipments
  • 2-day handling time (business days) 
  • Tracking information is provided
  • Email notification is provided
  • Discreet packaging

 CBD Hemp Direct Review of the Return/Refund Policy

  • There’s a picture of the interior shipping envelope for every shipment. This picture will ultimately be matched with yours if you wish to return the product.
  • CBD Hemp Direct will not refund stolen packages or lost packages after the note “delivered” appears in the tracking software. 
  • CBD Hemp Direct will try to locate lost packages along the way or resend existing ones. 

Where Can I Buy CBD Hemp Direct Products?

You can order the packages online, and wait for the package to arrive, but you can also pick their products from Las Vegas’ Hemp World shop. The location of this Vegas CBD store is marked on a special page. 

CBD Hemp Direct Reviews of the Website

CBD Hemp Direct’s official website is simple, yet effective. 

However, despite the neatly placed information on the product pages, the fact that customers cannot open multiple windows at the same time doesn’t ease up the process of choosing what to order.

What’s more, Google reviews are provided in place of product-specific reviews.   

Still, even though Google reviews aren’t product-specific, they can be judged more objectively; as opposed to those that are exclusively published on the website. 

Likes Suggestions for Improvement
An entire page dedicated to CBD Hemp Drug Testing information  Parallel pages can’t be opened with a new tab
Available strain guide leaflet Only general Google reviews are available, there are no reviews that are directly linked to specific products
Available CoAs and short cannabinoid Profiles & Potency levels for each product Lacks blog content and informative articles
Recent CoAs  

Selected Product Reviews

1. CBD Hemp Direct Honolulu Haze Review

Product name: Honolulu Haze Flower (CBD)

Available in: CBD Joints, Gummies, Flower Trim, Moon Rocks, Kief Nugs, Small buds, CBD Kiefs, CBD Hash, and CBD Tincture

Aroma: Fruity, floral, dank (one of the dankest varieties of CBD Hemp Direct in 2020)

Best fitted for:

Those accustomed to higher CBD intake, and those appreciating the whole-plant experience.

Hemp smokers that want to relax after a stressful event, or for those who want to remain calm in challenging situations.

User Advice:

According to many a CBD Hemp Direct Honolulu Haze review, there are no limitations for the use of this product, and a quick review of the web page confirms this.  

Dominant Terpene: Caryophyllene — 2.55mg/g


This plant belongs to the Sativa dominant hybrid and has one of the highest concentrations of CBD, allowing you to relax with each new puff.

What Do the Customers Say?

User testimonials say it tastes like berry hemp flowers with a grassy undertone that is not too harsh on the taste buds. Also, as one user put it in his CBD Hemp Direct flower review, it helps in managing pain without making you sleepy. Learn a couple of smoking techniques and try it yourself. 

Other Notes

  • 17.8% CBDA, 4.8% CBD
  • THC <0.115% (Undetectable)

2. CBD Hemp Direct Juicy Fruit Review

Product name: Juicy Fruit Flower (CBD)

Available in: CBD Kief Joints, CBD Kiefs, CBD Hash

Aroma:  Citrus, tropical fruit

Best fitted for: Those that prefer higher CBDA content, and seek fresh fruity taste.

Hemp smokers that seek a hit of happiness, combined with the relaxing effect of the terpene Myrcene.

Users who want to enjoy the present moment to the maximum.

User Advice: There is no advised use or limitation on smoking, in the company-issued CBD Hemp Direct Juicy Fruit Review.

Dominant Terpene: Myrcene — 6.1mg/g


This hemp strain is quite distinct due to its high concentrations of Myrcene — known for its joyful, euphoric, and relaxing effects. Along with the fruity smell, it is a perfect blend that recalls careless summer days.

What Do the Customers Say?

Smooth, piney, and extremely tasty is what customers notice with the very first puff of the Juicy Fruit. The overall feeling of ease and happiness was also a reality for most of those who decided to share their CBD Hemp Direct hash review on Juicy Fruit.

Users also noted feeling good when smoking the flower, but they wished for more potency. Also, some state that it takes several minutes for the joyful effects to kick in.

Other Notes

  • 20.5% CBDA, 0.2% CBD
  • THC <0.255% (undetectable)

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • Enormous product range, original hemp strains
  • High-quality CBD and CBG flowers
  • Double packaging: white mylar bag, and bubble wrap
  • Affordable prices

The Cons

  • There is little information about the company
  • The customers take the whole legal responsibility of ordering the products
  • Packages may smell
  • Only one product for pets

Final Verdict

This rising star in the CBD plant industry has a lot to offer, especially for clients who prefer direct contact with the plant and cannot part with their regular smoking ritual. 

Given the fact that CBG is one of the most complicated cannabinoids for extraction and production, it only makes us appreciate CBD Direct Hemp even more.

The short cannabinoid and terpene profiles are quite useful, and if the available CoAs were complete, this brand would have gained a perfect 10 out of 10 in this CBD Hemp Direct Review.


What are the effects of a CBD flower?

Hemp flowers have the highest CBD content of the entire plant — hence why CBD-rich hemp flowers are especially effective in:

Reducing: anxiety, stress, inflammation, pain, physical discomfort and severity, and frequency of seizures in epileptics.

Promoting: calm, focus, serenity, and recovery from a workout and other physical strains.

Inducing: better quality sleep.

What is a CBD flower?

It’s a flower from a specially designed industrial hemp plant strain that contains CBD in higher percentages than the regular hemp plant.