CBD Plus Reviews for 2021 — All You Need to Know

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  • CBD oil types full spectrum
  • Extraction method CO2
  • Origin Europe (organic, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free)
  • Third-party lab results available
  • Shipping free on orders over $45
  • Return policy 30 days
  • Discounts coupon codes, sales, and deals

First Impressions

Plus CBD is one of the pioneers in the CBD industry, which numerous positive CBD Plus reviews just go to show; people simply trust and love this brand.

The company is continuously trying to educate people and raise awareness and acceptance of all the benefits CBD products have to offer, which caught our attention as well. Consumers have also given these efforts a positive CBD Oil Plus review.

Our team investigated the company and its background and found that Plus CBD Oil products featured in three case studies published on PubMed (a study on CBD influence on anxiety and sleep, a study on CBD in PTSD treatment, and a study on the neurological benefits of phytocannabinoids), highlighting the exact efficiency and safety of the products. This sparked our interest even more, so we decided to test a few of their products and see whether they live up to the hype. 

You can see the results in this detailed Plus CBD review.

Top 5 CBD Plus Reviews

Key Features
Plus CBD Oil Reviews - Plus CBD Softgel Capsules Review
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  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Vegetarian capsule
  • Quick onset
PRICE: $ 69.99
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Plus CBD Reviews - Plus CBD Balm Review
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  • Semi-firm texture
  • Quick relief
  • Especially efficient for arthritis pain
PRICE: $ 29.99
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CBD Plus Reviews - Plus CBD Oil Review
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  • Mild flavor
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Good for sleep disorders
PRICE: $ 31.99
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CBD Plus Reviews - Plus CBD Oil Gummies Review
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  • Natural, rich flavor
  • Right amount of texture
  • Mild, but noticeable effects
PRICE: $ 27.99
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CBD Plus Reviews - Plus CBD Spray Review
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  • Great energy booster
  • Quick onset
  • Excellent flavor
PRICE: $ 54.99
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Detailed Plus CBD Products Reviews

  • Full name CBD Softgels Gold Formula
  • CBD concertation 900mg CBD in the container, 15mg per serving
  • Size 60 softgels
  • Packaging amber glass bottle
  • Recommended for managing everyday stress, help with sleep, post-exercise recovery, calmness and focus, people who need faster relief
  • Advised dosage and treatment one in the morning and evening; gradually increase or decrease the dosage
  • Natural ingredients hemp oil, extra virgin olive oil, vegetarian capsule (vegetable cellulose, water), silica
  • Price $69.99

We noticed from our Plus CBD Oil review and comparison to other brands that Plus CBD Oil products, in general, have lower concentrations of CBD. Usually, softgels have 20–30mg per serving, whereas Plus CBD Oil softgels have 15mg. Now, this doesn’t automatically mean that they’re not effective, we just thought it was worth mentioning.

Softgels are recommended for individuals who want something easier to swallow, and convenient. They are highly beneficial for boosting overall well-being, focus, sleep, recovery, energy, relaxation, and soothing nerve pain.

The softgels don’t have a distinct taste, but they do have a slightly sweet smell.

As they contain extra virgin olive oil (yet another thing that separates them from other brands that mainly use coconut oil), the softgels are said to be beneficial to heart health. Plus CBD Gold reviews say that olive oil is also superior to coconut oil in terms of antioxidants and the fat ratio.

Softgels are also known for their relatively quick onset, so you can expect the effects to kick in about an hour after taking the softgel, and to last for up to eight hours.

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Vegetarian capsule
  • Quick onset
  • Lower CBD concentration per capsule

Plus CBD Oil Balm Review

  • Full name CBD Oil Hemp Balm
  • CBD concetration 100mg (Extra Strength Gold)
  • Size 1.3oz
  • Packaging glass jar
  • Recommended for skincare, irritation, muscle soreness, swelling, and pain
  • Natural ingredients sweet almond oil, beeswax, hemp oil, peppermint oil, willow bark extract, horsetail extract, tea plant leaves extract, safflower seed oil
  • Price 29.99

The balm has a strong, yet not overwhelming, scent of peppermint, hemp, and honey. Its texture is semi-firm, which makes it super easy to apply to the skin.
Despite the low concentration of cannabinoids, Plus CBD Oil balm has proved itself effective when it comes to aches and pains, and is especially effective for arthritis pain.
Furthermore, Plus CBD Oil balm reviews say that you can expect pain relief as quickly as 15 minutes after application, and you can feel the effects for up to 5 hours.
The balm is also recommended for soothing skin irritations and relaxing muscles after an intense workout.
This is the only non-vegan product from Plus CBD Oil as it contains beeswax.

  • Semi-firm texture
  • Quick relief
  • Especially efficient for arthritis pain
  • Not vegan

Plus CBD Oil Drops Review

  • Full name CBD Oil Hemp Drops Gold Formula
  • CBD concentration 250mg
  • Size 2oz
  • Flavor peppermint
  • Packaging glass bottle
  • Recommended for sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and pain
  • Advised dosage and treatment start with half a dropper twice a day and gradually increase or decrease the Plus CBD dosage
  • Natural ingredients hemp oil, extra virgin olive oil, peppermint oil, monk fruit
  • Price $31.99

Perhaps one of the most popular forms of CBD, tinctures are the easiest way to incorporate cannabinoids into your daily routine. You can take them directly under your tongue or mix them in a smoothie, oatmeal, juice, or combine them with other foods.

Plus CBD Oil reviews for the 5mg per serving version are predominantly positive. The tincture smells like sweet peppermint, which reminded us of candy canes. When it comes to the taste, there’s just a hint of bitterness that’s nicely hidden by the flavor of sweet peppermint.

If you take the drops sublingually you can feel the effects after just a couple of minutes. On average, the effects last about 8 hours. They’re amazing for a good night’s sleep and alleviating aches and pains.

  • Mild flavor
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Good for sleep disorders
  • It’s a bit bitter

Plus CBD Gummies Review

  • Full name CBD Oil Hemp Gummies
  • CBD concetration 300mg (10mg per gummy)
  • Size 30 gummies
  • Flavor Cherry Mango
  • Packaging plastic jar
  • Recommended for overall well-being, relaxation, improved sleep quality
  • Advised dosage and treatment one gummy in the morning and evening
  • Natural ingredients hemp oil, organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, purified water, organic seaweed extract
  • Price $27.99

Plus CBD Oil gummies review is on our list of the best CBD gummies, and for good reason too. Everyone with a sweet tooth will enjoy the strong cherry flavor, and we loved that the gummies are free from gelatin and are not coated in granulated sugar. If you do happen to like sugar-coated gummies, we recommend trying the Citrus Punch flavor.

Unfortunately, the gummies aren’t vegetarian as they contain carmine, which gives them the gorgeous red color.

Various reviews on Plus CBD Oil gummies describe them as “pleasantly soft” and we have to agree with this. They have just the right amount of texture and both the taste and scent are natural and extremely pleasant. The only problem we encountered with these gummies was stopping after eating the first one!

The effects are mild but noticeable. Like with most edibles, the onset takes some time, about an hour or two, yet the calming and relaxing effects persist for four to eight hours.

  • Natural, rich flavor
  • Right amount of texture
  • Mild, but noticeable effects
  • Not vegetarian

Plus CBD Oil Spray Review

  • Full name CBD Oil Hemp Spray
  • CBD concentration 500mg (3mg per serving, serving size 2 sprays; 160 serving per container)
  • Size 2oz
  • Flavor peppermint
  • Packaging amber glass bottle
  • Recommended for energy boost, relaxation, sleep, occasional aches, and recovery
  • Advised Plus CBD Oil spray dosage two sprays
  • Natural ingredients hemp oil, extra virgin olive oil, peppermint oil, monk fruit
  • Price $54.99

The spray is made from hemp extracts containing all the essential hemp compounds.

This is also one of the best-tasting CBD sprays our team has ever tested. The spray smells and tastes strongly of peppermint, but it’s in no way overwhelming. You can also notice the aromas of wood and earth.

The onset kicks in after 20–30 minutes, and it lasts for about five hours. The spray is especially effective in providing you with energy in the morning, as well as relaxation and better sleep quality in the evening.

  • Great energy booster
  • Quick onset
  • Excellent flavor
  • Strong peppermint smell

Company Background

Founded: 2014

Production: CBD-based dietary supplements

Other Names: Plus +CBD Oil

Parent Company: CV Sciences, Inc. (formerly CannaVest)

Based in: San Diego, CA and Las Vegas, NV, USA

Retail Market: US and International

Plus CBD Oil Maxim:The CBD Evolution

The brand was started by a father-son duo who saw that there were far too few companies on the market that were making CBD products that adhere to regulations. They made a contract with hemp farmers in the Netherlands (Holland) and hired people who had a background in the supplement business.

What many CBD Plus reviews especially cherish is that the company works with a team of educators and advisors who are highly skilled in nutrition, medicine, and pharmacology. As the company representatives say, it’s not just about the quality of their products, they want their users to feel safe.

Being loyal to their customers and caring about their safety, the company earned positive CBD Oil Plus reviews quite rapidly and became one of the best-known names in the industry.

CBD Oil Quality and Purity

The company believes that the potential of hemp is limitless — hence why the brand is constantly evolving, all the while maintaining the high quality of its products. The purity, safety, and quality of their products are regularly examined by third-party DB Labs and the company’s in-house testing lab. The test results are published on their website and can also be accessed via a QR code printed on every product.

The hemp is sourced from Europe, which currently has no organic certification process. Nevertheless, it’s still organic — its cultivation doesn’t require the use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Unfortunately, sourcing the hemp outside of the US has resulted in a negative Plus CBD review here and there, as people usually prefer US-sourced hemp due to the strict and obvious, uniform cultivating policies.

However, to assure their customers of product safety, the company tests every batch to be sure that the products are free from fungicides, pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, plant growth regulators, and any microbiological contamination. DB Labs, the third-party lab, is situated in the US.

In a nutshell: all Plus CBD Oil products are vegan, organic, non-toxic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

Are Plus CBD Products Safe to Use?

All Plus CBD Oil products have a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) certification. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t offer some advice:

  • Never exceed the recommended Plus CBD Oil dosage
  • Consult your doctor before trying any Plus CBD Oil products if you have a chronic condition, suffer from an illness, or take medications that may interact with CBD
  • Don’t take any Plus CBD Oil products if you’re allergic to the ingredients (the full ingredient list is available for every product, online and on the product label)
  • Don’t use CBD products if you’re pregnant or nursing
  • Consult your doctor if you notice any CBD oil side-effects

Overview of Different Product Types

Plus CBD Oil has quite a few products and most of them are available in three levels of distillation: Raw, Total Plant Complex, and Gold.

The Raw formula preserves all contents of the extracted hemp and has less than 0.3% THC.

The Total Plant Complex formula goes through a heating process to make the CBD more available to the body but it’s otherwise the same as the raw formula; it too has less than 0.3% THC.

The Gold formula has all the plant materials removed from the extract, leaving the Gold Plus CBD Oil concentrate with 0% THC.

Plus CBD Oil Available Products:

Plus CBD Oils Spray

  • Available in 100mg and 500mg strengths
  • Flavors: unflavored, peppermint, and mocha
  • Good for exercise inflammation, stress, sleep, and focus

Plus CBD Oil Softgels

  • Available in 5mg, 10mg, and 15mg, as well as 10, 30, and 60 softgel packs
  • Raw, Total Plant Complex, and Gold
  • Good for treating inflammation, managing stress, and maintaining healthy sleep

Plus CBD Oil Balm

  • 25mg, 45mg, 50mg, and 150mg strengths
  • Good for skin and post-exercise inflammation

Plus CBD Oil Skin Serum

  • 50mg
  • Good for calming and nurturing the skin

Plus CBD Oil Drops

  • This Plus CBD Oil concentrate is available in 250mg, 300mg, 500mg, 750mg, and 1500mg
  • Flavors: unflavored, unsweetened, peppermint, and goji blueberry
  • Good for managing stress, supporting calmness, inflammation recovery, and healthy sleep

Plus CBD Oil Gummies

  • 5mg
  • Packs of 30, 60, and 90 gummies
  • Flavors: Cherry Mango and Citrus Punch
  • Good for calmness, focus, and managing stress

Plus CBD Oil Roll-On

  • 200mg and 500mg
  • Recommended use: in the morning to start the day off relaxed or after strenuous exercise

Plus CBD Oil Lotions and Creams

Unfortunately, the company currently doesn’t offer CBD products for cats or dogs and many CBD Plus reviews criticize the company for this.

Product Health Notice

Even though Plus CBD Oil follows FDA guidelines, they don’t guarantee that their products will have the exact same effect on everyone. Seeing how every person is unique, it’s advisable to consult your doctor first prior to consuming any CBD product. You should immediately stop using the product if you feel any harmful side effects.

Furthermore, Plus CBD reviews appreciate that the company makes no medical claims regarding its CBD-infused products. Plus CBD Oil products are regulated as dietary supplements and aren’t made to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Pricing per Product Category

Product Category Price Range
Sprays $19.99–$59.99
Softgels $11.99–$69.99
Balms $10.99–$29.99
Skin Serum $19.99
Drops $29.99–$119.99
Gummies $11.99–$44.99
Roll-on $27.99–$49.99
Lotions and Creams $29.99

The Shopping Experience

Website Review

Plus CBD Oil has one of the better websites among CBD companies and our Plus CBD review is not the only one to notice this.

The website is fairly well organized and easy to navigate (not to mention fun!). You can browse through the products by product type or the support you need. Every product is accompanied by in-depth info regarding the ingredients, its use, and its benefits. There are also FAQs, ratings, reviews, Q and As, and a link that will lead you to the test results for a particular product batch.

We also loved the 60s/70s aesthetic and vibe!

Besides all the detailed info and the transparency, we were truly impressed by the efforts Plus CBD Oil invests into educating their customers, and we found that other Plus CBD hemp oil reviews also appreciate this. Many CBD companies claim they want to educate their customers, but Plus CBD Oil actually delivers. Right on their homepage is a “LEARN” button that will take you to a page dedicated to answering all your questions about the legality, safety, and testing of CBD, as well as how it impacts our body, the benefits, and the nutrients it provides.

And if that’s not enough, they also have a more-than-informative blog, videos, and a glossary that will further describe the differences between their products.

The overall shopping experience was more than pleasing.

Shipping Options

Say you’ve read some satisfying Plus CBD Oil spray reviews and want to buy some. You can either use the store locator on the website and go to the nearest store. Or, you can create an account, store your info, and order anything you like, anytime you want.

You can also select your preferred shipping method at checkout: Standard, Next Day, or Second Day shipping.

Plus, the company offers free standard shipping on orders over $75.

International shipping is also available for most countries, but if your country is not on the list, send their customer service an email, and they’ll work out a solution.

Return Policy

A great number of CBD Plus reviews praise the company for their amazing customer service. The support team members are incredibly professional, kind, and show customers immense respect.

So, if you wish to return your order, you can contact the customer service within 14 days of delivery, and they’ll fully refund you (minus the shipping charges) if the product is unopened and unused.

Available Discounts

Unfortunately, Plus CBD Oil doesn’t have a monthly subscription or a discount program. They do have occasional sales, and you can also find online coupon codes.

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • Full transparency: “from seed to shelf”
  • Different CBD extract formula options
  • Educational website
  • US Hemp Authority certified
  • International shipping

The Cons

  • No products for pets
  • Made from hemp cultivated in Europe
  • A small variety of CBD edibles
  • No USDA Organic certification

Final Verdict

After continuous testing and thorough research, we believe that Plus CBD Oil is a fantastic brand. What we appreciated the most is how transparent they are about all the ingredients and tests, and how all the products can be tracked “from seed to shelf.”

We were a bit disappointed that there were no CBD products for pets, and we also didn’t like that there was such a small variety of edibles.

However, the products that we did test showed exceptional quality and we’re happy to recommend them to everyone reading our CBD Plus reviews.  

Paired with the care and commitment the company invests in educating their customers and providing them with safe products, we can see why this is one of the best brands in the industry.


Is Plus CBD Oil full spectrum?

All Plus CBD Oil products are made from full-spectrum hemp oil. Meaning, all of their products contain cannabinoids that can be found in the hemp plant naturally. Quality full-spectrum CBD products, like Plus CBD Oil products, are high in CBD and have less than 0.3% THC.

How long does it take for CBD oil to work for joint pain?

Depending on what type of CBD product you’re using, you should feel the effects 15–45 minutes after consuming CBD. Tinctures, softgels, and topicals like CBD creams, lotions, and balms, usually have the quickest onset.