Green Roads CBD Review — Should You Take the High Road?

  • CBD oil types full spectrum, broad spectrum
  • Extraction method CO2
  • Origin USA (Colorado, California, Kentucky); organic, non-GMO, vegan
  • Third-party lab results available
  • Return policy 30 days
  • Discounts military, first responders, and many more

First Impressions

According to the Brightfield Research Group, Green Roads CBD is the largest privately held CBD company in the US market.

Plus, knowing that Americans spend around $40 million each year on their products, the need for a thorough, unbiased Green Roads CBD review is a no-brainer. 

As for the reason behind the company’s enormous success, their co-founder Laura Fuentes is a compound pharmacist with 25+ years of experience in the field — talk about expertise!

This got our team excited, so we did an in-depth evaluation of their service and products, taking both customer and professional Green Roads CBD reviews into consideration.

Now, without further ado, let’s get the show on the road!

About Green Roads CBD

Founded: 2013

Base: Deerfield Beach, FL, USA


Best-ranked product from professional reviewers: Green Roads CBD Coffee

Best-ranked product from customers: CBD Gummies300mg Relax Bears (4,825 reviews)

Number of products: 50+

Customer’s trust (in sales revenue): $40 million annually

Retail Market: USA

Overall rating: 9.3

FDA status: Not evaluated

Maxim: “Health is in your hands”

Founded by Laura Fuentes and Arby Barroso in 2013 in Broward County, Florida,  Green Roads CBD now counts more than 50 products and over 100 employees in their new headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Available in around 10,000 retail locations, including physician offices, little pharmacies, and shops, Green Roads CBD is an authority brand in the CBD market and the winner of several Cannabis Business Awards:

“Best CBD Products” (2019)

“Best CBD Products” (2018)

“Most Innovative Product” for the Green Roads CBD Coffee (2019)

Other acknowledgments:

Remedy Review Approval

Top Shelf Tea Awards

Besides quality, innovation is one of the strongest points of Green Roads CBD as we’ve summarized in this Green Roads CBD review

Also, when looking at the product palette of Green Roads CBD, it is obvious that their product offer is concentrated mainly on CBD essentials, encompassing almost every basic type of CBD product, except for vape juices.

On the more fun and enjoyable side, Green Roads’ CBD stock offers original products on the CBD market, such as the Green Roads CBD tea and CBD-infused coffee.

However, in terms of diversity, we find that the brand is somewhat lacking in flavor choices for their CBD oil line; yet, they compensate for this negative point by having three different strengths of every offered item.

Speaking of potency and effects, Green Roads CBD products provide overall wellbeing as well as health support for:

  • Physical discomfort
  • Pain in joints and muscles
  • Skincare
  • Sleep regulation
  • Stress-relief

Green Roads CBD Review — Product Catalogue by Type

Oils (10mg, 25mg, and 50mg of CBD)

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil
  • Apple Kiwi Bliss broad-spectrum CBD oil
  • Mint Breeze broad-spectrum CBD oil
  • Oil Formula daily dose (1000mg and 1500mg of CBD)

Dark Chocolate Bars

Capsules (25mg of CBD per dose)

  • CBD Oil Softgels
  • CBD Relax Capsules
  • CBD Sleep Capsules

Tea and Coffee (available in 2.5oz and 12oz packs)

  • Teabag (2g)
  • Hemp Flower Coffee Founders’ Blend
  • Hemp Flower Coffee French Vanilla
  • Hemp Flower Coffee Hazelnut



  • Relax Bears (50mg and 300mg) — this Green Roads CBD gummies review is included in the selected products review section below
  • Froggies (25mg, 50mg, and 100mg)
  • Sour Froggies (25mg and 100mg)
  • Fruit bite (50mg)
  • Sleepy Z’S (50mg)

Pet Drops

  • Pet CBD Drops for Cats
  • Pet CBD Drops for Dogs (Small, Medium, and Large Breed)

Bath Bombs

  • CBD Bath Bomb 150mg (Uplift, Peace, Relax, Refresh, and Unwind)
  • Bath bombs Duos 200mg (Peace & Calming, Uplift & Relax, and Refresh & Unwind)


We have analyzed the Green Roads CBD pain cream reviews in great detail in the product section below.

  • CBD Skin Relief Cream (70mg and 200mg)
  • CBD Muscle and Joint Cream (50mg, 150mg, and 350mg)
  • Cool Relief CBD Roll-on (150mg, 350mg, and 750mg)
  • Heat Relief CBD Roll-on (150mg, 350mg, and 750mg)

Essential Oils

  • CBD Essential Oil Roll-On 50mg (Peace, Relax, and Refresh)

Here we listed all the available CBD products, however, on the Green Roads official webpage there are a few older versions of products that are no longer available for ordering.

Green Roads CBD Oil Reviews — Quality Assessment

Hemp origin: Colorado, California, and Kentucky, USA

Cultivation characteristics: GMO-free, organic, vegan-friendly

Extraction method: CO2

Carrier oils: MCT oil, sunflower seed oil

Purity (per CoA)

  • Microbiologically pure
  • Pesticide-free
  • Residual solvent-free
  • Doesn’t contain heavy metals

Potency notes: rich with terpenes

Types of Green Roads CBD Oil Extracts 

Finding out the type of CBD oil used in the different Green Roads CBD products was fairly simple. We absolutely loved the fact that this information was displayed in the product description so that customers were no longer forced to dig into every single CoA or professional Green Roads CBD review to verify it.

1. Full-spectrum CBD oil (hemp extract with THC content lower than 0.3%)

You can find it in:

  • Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

2. Broad-spectrum CBD with undetectable THC (<0.001%)

You can find broad-spectrum CBD in:

  • Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil — Original
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil — Apple Kiwi
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil — Mint Breeze
  • Cool Relief CBD Roll-On
  • Heat Relief CBD Roll-On
  • Sleepy Z’s Gummies
  • Froggie Gummies
  • Sour Froggies
  • Pet CBD Drops for Dogs
  • Pet CBD Drops for Cats

3. CBD isolate — THC-free 

(When using products with this particular type of Green Roads CBD, the drug test for THC will stay negative).

Found in:

  • Skin Relief Cream
  • Muscle and Joint Cream
  • Relax Bears Gummies
  • Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Fruit Bite
  • Softgels
  • Sleep Capsules
  • Relax Capsules

What’s also neat is the amazing product selection with the detailed potency classification for every product. Namely, there are 3 CBD content classifications: mild, moderate, and mighty.

Green Roads CBD reviews from CBD professionals state that the unique formulas used in the products will aid the body in using the maximum amount of CBD present in said products.

This means that the presence of other cannabinoids or terpenes will make it far easier for the body to absorb CBD — the pharmacological term is bioavailability.

This is exactly why broad- and full-spectrum CBD oil is considered better than CBD isolate. 

Most of the Green Roads CBD products are THC-free, and even those who contain THC have no more than 0.011% per container — which is the biggest concentration present in the full-spectrum CBD oil of 50mg/ml.

Green Roads CBD Oil ReviewsWhich Product Is the Richest?

Even though it is not an effective measurement, more CBD is what everyone is after. Hence, we looked to make it easier for you to choose between different Green Roads products by displaying you the exact concentration of CBD in each and every one of them.

Products  Total CBD
Full-spectrum CBD oils  
10 mg/ml 0.8%
25 mg/ml 2.3%
50 mg/ml 4.2%
Original broad-spectrum CBD oils  
10 mg/ml 0.9%
25 mg/ml 2.2%
50 mg/ml 4.8%
Apple Kiwi broad-spectrum CBD oil  
10 mg/ml 0.8%
25 mg/ml 2.1%
50 mg/ml 4.2%
Mint Breeze broad-spectrum CBD oil  
10 mg/ml 0.8%
25 mg/ml 2.2%
50 mg/ml 3.8%
Oil Formula daily doses  
1000 mg 3.0%
1500 mg 4.3%
CBD Gummies  
CBD Relax Bears 0.3%
Froggies 0.2%
Sour Froggies 0.2%
Fruit bite 0.3%
Sleepy Z’S 0.7%
Dark Chocolate Bars (180mg) 0.4%
CBD Skin Relief Cream  
70 mg 0.6%
200 mg 0.7%
CBD Muscle and Joint Relief Cream  
50 mg 0.4%
150 mg 0.4%
350 mg 1%
Cool Relief CBD Roll-on  
150 mg 0.2%
350 mg 0.4%
750 mg 0.9%
Heat Relief CBD Roll-on  
150 mg 0.2%
350 mg 0.4%
750 mg 0.9%
CBD Relax Capsules 4.1%
CBD Softgels 4.2%
CBD Sleep Capsules 6.3%
Tea and Coffee  
Teabags 0.3%
Hemp Flower Coffees — Founders’ Blend 0.03%
Hemp Flower Coffees — French Vanilla 0.009%
Hemp Flower Coffees — Hazelnut 0.04%
Pet Drops  
Pet CBD Drops for Cats 0.2%
Pet CBD Drops for Dogs  
Small Breed 0.18%
Medium Breed 0.7%
Large Breed 2.26%
Bath Bombs  
Bath Bombs (150mg) 0.09%
Bath Bombs Duos (200mg) 0.21%
CBD Essential Oil Roll-On 0.7%

 Green Roads CBD Oil Reviews — CoA Lab Sheets

The Certificate of Analysis (CoA) lab tests for Green Roads products are rather extensive and the results are available for every single product, including for every different batch number on their website.

The purity, potency, and quality tests conducted by Kaycha Labs (an ISO-certified, third-party entity) for the products of Green Roads CBD are fairly recent and presented in a customer-friendly way. Graphically, anyone can see exactly which tests were successfully passed.

All in all, it seems that the Green Roads CBD drug test results, or more precisely, the product test results, are proudly displayed on the website; and for good reason too!

Namely, everyone can search for the lab test results in three different ways:

  • By product category
  • By batch number
  • By QR code (available on the product packaging)

We noticed just two measurements missing from the lab reports — the moisture and water activity tests. These two show the stability of the product, or whether there are conditions for fast degradation through the development of bacteria and molds.

Is Green Roads CBD Oil Safe?

Potency Tests

1. Cannabinoid Content Test  

The breakdown of cannabinoids content shows the potency of the CBD oil; in short, the more cannabinoids there are, the more potent the product is.

What should I expect to see in the cannabinoid test?

For full-spectrum CBD oil the results of the cannabinoids test will show:

  • The total CBD content
  • The total cannabinoids content
  • The total THC content
  • Concentrations and presence of 11 types of cannabinoids

Following the cannabinoid analysis of the broad-spectrum Green Roads CBD oil review, we can confirm that this oil is indeed THC-free; there is no detectable THC to be found as noted. 

As for the CBD isolate, the CBD concentration will be equal to that of the total cannabinoids, because it will be the only cannabinoid present (or at least should be).

2. Terpenes Test

The broad- and full-spectrum Green Roads CBD oil reviews claim the presence of natural compounds of the hemp extract called terpenes, and this is confirmed by the lab results.

What is the purpose of the CBD oil terpenes?

Terpenes are responsible for the plant’s aroma. Yet, for CBD products, they can also modify the rate of absorption and the overall potency of the product.

The synergy between the terpenes and the CBD oil is also known as the “entourage effect.”

Moreover, Green Roads lab tests inspect 38 different terpenes, but sometimes, in their mild CBD products, the amounts of terpenes are so small that they can’t be detected.

Terpenes are present in all products infused with full- and broad-spectrum Green Roads CBD in stock, as well as the Green Roads CBD bath bombs, giving them a natural scent.

Purity Tests

1. Pesticide Analysis

An extensive analysis of 60 pesticides related to hemp cultivation, conducted in the Green Roads CBD lab tests to ensure the product’s purity.

2. Residual Solvent Analysis

Every batch is tested for 21 solvent residuals that are used in the process of hemp oil extraction.

Some of these solvent residuals can be toxic to the human body — hence why it’s of the utmost importance that none of these is present in the batch in order to get a positive Green Roads CBD review.

3. Mycotoxin Analysis

Mycotoxins are chemicals produced by molds and yeasts which are harmful to the human body. The Green Road CBD mycotoxin test is run for 5 of the most harmful mycotoxins.

4. Microbial Analysis

One of the most important purity tests is the microbial test, which proves that there are no pathogen bacteria or yeasts present in the batch. The Green Roads CBD lab test shows the absence of 4 types of Aspergillus, Shiga-toxin producing E. coli, and Salmonella.

5. Heavy Metals Analysis

This test detects the eventual presence of arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead in the product.

Product Pricing

As you can see, the prices range from $4.75 for a 25mg Froggie gummy (0.5 oz or 14g) to $149.99 for a full-spectrum CBD oil with a concentration of 50mg/ml.

Overview of the Product Price Range by Product Type

Green Roads CBD Product  Price Range
Oils ($7.49–$149.99)
Full-spectrum CBD oils ($44.99$149.99)
Broad-spectrum CBD oils

Note that (Green Roads CBD oil 1500mg,1000, and 3500mg are no longer available)

Apple Kiwi Broad-spectrum CBD oil ($44.99–$149.99)
Mint Breeze Broad-spectrum CBD oil ($44.99–$149.99)
Oil Formula daily doses ($7.49–$11.49)
Edibles ($9.49–$43.99)
CBD Relax Bears 5ct ($7.49–$43.99) 30ct
Froggies 1ct ($4.75–$15.99) 4ct
Sour Froggies 1ct ($4.75–$15.99) 4ct
Fruit Bite $6.49 (5ct)
Sleepy Z’S $9.49 (2ct)
Dark Chocolate Bars (180mg) $24.99
Topicals ($11.99–$69.99)
CBD Skin Relief Cream ($12.99–$12.99)
CBD Muscle and Joint Cream ($11.99–$44.99)
Cool Relief CBD Roll-on ($29.99–$69.99)
Heat Relief CBD Roll-on ($29.99–$69.99)
Capsules $49.99
CBD Relax Capsules $49.99
CBD Softgels $49.99
CBD Sleep Capsules $44.99
Tea and Coffee ($2.99–$44.99)
Teabags $2.99
Hemp Flower Coffees — Founders’ Blend ($14.99–$44.99)
Hemp Flower Coffees — French Vanilla ($14.99–$44.99)
Hemp Flower Coffees — Hazelnut ($14.99–$44.99)
Pet Drops ($19.99–$59.99)
Pet CBD Drops for Cats $19.99
Pet CBD Drops for Dogs ($19.99–$59.99)
Bath Bombs ($17.99–$19.99)
Bath Bombs (150mg) $17.99
Bath Bombs Duos (200mg) $19.99
Essential Oils $24.99
CBD Essential Oil Roll-On $24.99


All-Customer Discounts:

  • Multi-packs, bundles, and sets discount
  • Newsletter discount (10% off)
  • A referral-based reward points program
  • Occasional price reductions
  • Green Roads CBD coupon codes

Special Group Discounts:

  • Military affiliation — 50% discount (veterans and active personnel)
  • First responders — 50% discount (police officers, firefighters, EMTs)
  • Medical staff including doctors and nurses
  • Senior promo codes for individuals over 50 years of age
  • Discounts for affiliates

Shopping for Green Roads CBD Products

How and where can you buy Green Roads CBD?

You can buy Green Roads CBD in:

  • Physician offices
  • Local pharmacies
  • Online — on their website

Where can I find the right retailer?

There is a retail searching tool on the Green Road CBD website that uses your location. Also, you can search for a CBD store through their lists by city and by state.

Green Roads CBD Web Review

Well-mapped and effectively organized, the Green Road CBD website has a beautifully arranged and user-friendly design.

The website is rich in information, frequently presented with graphic solutions, labels, and clipart designs that are easily understandable.

From a CBD beginner-dedicated page to a “when-in-stock” notification tool, this Green Roads CBD web review can be pages long before explaining all of the different features on the Green Roads website.

So, instead of describing it all in great detail, we put together some of the features, tools, and content that we deemed worthy of mentioning, as well as some suggestions in the following table: 

Likes Suggestions for Improvement 
User-friendly, neatly organized, and good-looking web design Several listed products are not available anymore
Specially dedicated page for CBD beginners The shipping info is under the Terms and Conditions page (difficult to locate)
Explanative FAQs The combined product listing is somewhat messy
Simple definitions of CBD-related and pharmacological terminology Not all customer Green Roads CBD oil reviews are available
Understandable, informative product descriptions.  
Available CoAs for every product  
Potency marks for the products  
Tracking order tool  
Available CBD 101 booklet  
Notifications “when available in stock”  
Direct navigation from one product to another  
Searching by CBD oil type  
Product finder tool for newbies  
Honest Green Roads CBD reviews from customers  

 Shipping Policy

The shipping policy is located in the Terms and Conditions page. Here are the most important points:

  • The Green Roads CBD delivery is done by FedEx, UPS, or USPS, depending on the delivery location.
  • The delivery date is usually 2–3 business days after a purchase has been made.
  • The packaging is suitable for fragile cargos and includes a gel ice pack and protective foil during the summer months.

Exchange Policy

Customers can exchange their product for a new one if:

  • the product arrives damaged
  • the delivered product is broken
  • a part of the product is missing

It is only in these cases that Green Roads CBD will send a new product to the customer under the condition that the customers notified the company in less than 3 days after the delivery date.

Return/Refund Policy

Customers can return all unwanted, unopened, and undamaged products within 30 days upon delivery (according to the shipper).

Selected Product Green Roads CBD Reviews

1. Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (50 mg/ml)

Product name: Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil — Mighty

Available in: 30ml bottle (1fl oz)

Best fitted for: 

  • CBD lovers that are searching for potent CBD effects from an all-natural product with original taste
  • Those looking for the broad-spectrum Green Roads CBD oil of 550 mg because this is its “descendent” product

CBD oil type: broad-spectrum  

Other ingredients: glycerin, MCT oil sunflower lecithin, sunflower seed oil, and hemp seed oil

User advice: there is no restriction in the amount that you can use; it all depends on your CBD experience. You should place the desired amount on your tongue or under, and wait for at least 30 seconds before swallowing

Consumer rating: 4.7 (out of 1,146 reviews)


Containing a total of 1500mg of CBD, this broad-spectrum CBD oil can help relieve everyday stress and chronic pain.

This CBD oil is also the replacing product of the broad-spectrum Green Roads CBD oil of 1500mg, and currently, the most potent of the whole broad-spectrum Green Roads collection. Hence, it is not really advisable for CBD beginners. Other same-line, but less potent products, like the CBD oil of 10mg and 25mg, will probably do the trick for those just starting off with CBD.

What do the customers say?

Around 90% of users have rated this product with the highest possible mark. Many of those suffering from fibromyalgia and arthritis claim experiencing pain relief. Others report lower stress levels and a soothing effect.

Comments regarding the potency are very present in customer testimonials, claiming immediate results from taking this CBD oil.

On the negative side, some customer comments on the Green Roads CBD oil of 550 mg reveal that they have a hard time tolerating the natural taste of the product. Another frequent remark is the apparently complicated use of the dropper, as well as the thick consistency of the oil.

However, this last one refers to the old packaging, which is now reformed to a so-called plunger system.

Other notes

  • soy-free
  • gluten-free
  • suitable for the vegan diet
  • natural flavor 
  • natural coloring

2. CBD Muscle and Joint Relief Cream — 350mg

Product name: Green Roads CBD Muscle and Joint Cream — 350mg

Available in: 1oz (30g) pump applicator

Best fitted for: according to the Green Roads CBD pain cream reviews, this product is intended for individuals with discomfort or chronic pain in muscles and joints caused by age or chronic conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and those suffering from occasional muscle strain and cramps.  

CBD oil type: isolate, THC-free

Other ingredients: safflower oleosomes, bentonite clay, glycerin, avocado oil, xanthan gum, cucumber fruit extract, chamomile extract, phenoxyethanol, lavender oil, vitamin E, benzyl alcohol, menthol, and dehydroacetic acid

User advice: For topical use only.

There is no restriction in the amount of cream that can be used on the painful spot or sore muscle.

It can be reapplied every 4–6 hours if needed.

Green Roads CBD pain cream reviews rating: 4.7 (out of 26 reviews)


This cream’s formula is designed to relieve painful, and sore, muscles and joints, as well as other physical discomforts related to pain.

Many of the ingredients are effective in skin hydration, and are necessary to give the right consistency of the cream.

The bentonite clay featured can act as a toxin remover, and the Chamomile extract will enhance the calming effect on the sore area.

What do the customers say?

The majority of customers gave 5 or 4 stars for this product, and most are happy with the effect of this cream containing Green Roads CBD oil of 350 mg, reviews show.

Many of them also say that they feel the soothing effects almost immediately.

Some users are happy with the mild scent, and for some, this is a negative aspect of the cream.

On the other hand, some of the Green roads CBD cream reviews reveal that users are indecisive when it comes to picking one of the CBD topical products that this brand offers.

 Other notes

  • THC-free
  • not tested on animals
  • natural coloring
  • mild scent

3. Green Roads CBD Froggies Review

Product name: 50mg Froggie — On The Go (14grams)

Available also in: 25mg, 50mg (1ct), and 100mg (4ct) in sweet and sour flavors.

Best fitted for:

  • Those who seek a powerful dose of 50mg CBD to cope with pain, stress, anxiety, and low energy levels on a daily basis.
  • People that want to make CBD part of their daily routine, but are too busy to consume CBD oil with a dropper.
  • For all of those who don’t like the natural taste of CBD and prefer a sugary treat instead.

CBD oil type: broad-spectrum with non-detectable THC content

Other ingredients: there is no ingredient list available, but it contains sugars in the coating

User advice: as per the Green Roads CBD reviews from the customers, this product can be taken in accordance with the customers’ wishes and experience (since there is no indication of the CBD dosage on the website).

Consumer rating: 4.6 (out of 214 reviews)


This 14g CBD-infused gummy will turn even the biggest CBD skeptics into staunch believers of the wellness effects of CBD. Also, 50mg is a potent dose, which explains the single gummy packaging.

What do the customers say?

One Green Roads CBD edible review for this Froggie states that the dose keeps them focused and alert, and another user claims to have a sound, pain-free night’s rest after a knee injury thanks to this gummy.

Conversely, those following a strict, non-sugar diet should keep in mind that with this gummy they will be breaking the rules, but for exactly how much we couldn’t tell. These types of gummies require a detailed ingredient list that will also unveil the intake of calories, which according to our judgment should be an obligatory part of every CBD gummies Green Roads review.

Other notes

  • sugar-coated 
  • gluten-free

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • High-potency products
  • CoA available for every product
  • Up to 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Fast delivery times
  • CBD coffee and tea
  • Comprehensive information on the website
  • Exchange policy available for damaged products

The Cons

  • Lacks different flavors of CBD oils
  • The ingredient list for CBD gummies is missing
  • Free shipping is not available
  • Some of the products are out of stock
  • Pricey

Final Verdict

We were overjoyed with the amount of information this brand shared regarding CBD-related terms, their product availability, and above all — the purity and quality of their products.

All of this, plus the high doses of CBD, seem to almost effortlessly turn website visitors into customers. The fast and guaranteed undamaged product delivery is also a plus.

All-in-all, through this exhaustive Green Roads CBD review the brand has proven many times over that if what you’re selling is effective, customers will buy it no matter the price.


Is Green Roads CBD FDA approved?

Green Roads products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The only FDA approved CBD oil on the market is the medicine called Epidiolex.

Is Green Roads CBD oil safe?

Judging by the results of the laboratory testing for purity, potency, and non-toxicity that were made by third-party laboratories, Green Roads CBD is safe for use.

The CoA tests include many parameters that test the purity, quality, and potency of the CBD oil. Furthermore, the tests are recently made and available for consultation to everybody on the official website. 

Nevertheless, remember that CBD oil effects may vary and that we all have individual endocannabinoid systems.

Does Green Roads CBD get you high?

No, of course not. Products with CBD isolate contain only CBD; THC has been removed during the manufacturing process.

Broad-spectrum products have less than 0.001% THC, which is by no means enough to have any psychoactive effects on you whatsoever.

If taken as instructed, the full-spectrum CBD oil-infused products will not get you “high” either, since they contain THC well below the legal limit (<0.3%).

What does Green Roads CBD oil do?

CBD affects the body as a powerful anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory drug. It also has a calming effect on the body, so it protects the body from stress and many stress-induced conditions. Some take CBD as a precaution, to boost their overall health, and others use it for specific health conditions like insomnia, anxiety, ADHD, pain, physical discomfort, and other medical indications.