On-Point 2020 Hemplucid Reviews: Know Exactly What to Expect

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  • CBD oil types full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolate
  • Extraction method CO2
  • Origin Colorado; organic
  • Third-party lab results available for every product
  • Shipping free
  • Return policy 30 days
  • Discounts coupons, sales

First Impressions

First things first, Hemplucid reviews got a big plus the moment I noticed there is a small “Lab Results” icon in the right corner of their homepage, enabling you to search through lab results right away. Moreover, you can get it for every product, with or without the batch number. Normally, it takes a while to find lab results on a CBD website, so this transparency that goes with their motto seems to prove what they stand for — being lucid.

The website has some helpful material. They make a point of letting you know they belong to a couple of associations, there are videos for explanations, and you get a view of some of the products straight away.

The thing that affected our Hemplucid review the most was that they chose to show their products in a drop-down menu via categories regarding the content (with or without THC), rather than showing what type of CBD products they have on offer (gummies, oils, vapes, etc.). This is a tad confusing for customers who wish to buy a topical, for example. One has to check all three options (isolate, broad spectrum, full spectrum) to check whether there is another topical that may interest them.

Does Hemplucid have THC or not? Naming the categories “THC-FREE” and “WHOLE-PLANT” is quite confusing, as it leaves one wondering whether Hemplucid has isolate or broad spectrum products (and by the way, it has all three of them). It turns out THC-free means “less than 0.3%,” and in some cases, it means “isolate.”


Hemplucid was founded in 2016, in Utah. It is a privately held company, founded by Chase Hudson and Talyn Stratton. The company has fewer than 50 employees, and you can see most of them directly on the website, along with their photos and job descriptions.

Though it is Utah based, the hemp is imported from Colorado.

What is Hemplucid CBD? It’s not a family-owned company, something that a lot of us are used to hearing, but they do seem to work in synergy.

Always maintain a clear VISION, LUCID actions, and SYNERGISTIC partnerships.

Comprehensive Hemplucid CBD Review

As we have previously mentioned, we would have loved it if Hemplucid had all its products listed out neatly. Overall, they have different varieties of CBD oil on offer, and a couple of other CBD products. Nothing too grand, but it’s the quality that counts.

Hemplucid CBD Oil Review

The Looks

Let’s talk about looks. At first glance, it’s nice to see CBD oil in a completely transparent bottle. As full spectrum oil is not always homogeneous, it may come as a surprise for some. No reasons to worry! Just shake the bottle well.

CBD Oil Types

There are five types of Hemplucid CBD oil, if we omit the vape and pet versions. They can be divided into two kinds: full and broad spectrum. Both of them have a water-soluble option, so let’s start off with Hemplucid water soluble reviews,as they’ve been the talk of the day.

What’s so special about water-soluble CBD oil? Generally, CBD oil can be added to your salad dressings and other edibles, but there are some limitations due to its oily nature. Water soluble CBD oil resolves all of those challenges, so it’s really practical to use with liquids. You can add it to your water, coffee, juice, you name it!

The water-soluble option is nano-enhanced, which increases its bioavailability. The process refers to minimizing the hemp particles so they can be used by our bodies more optimally.

We also tried to complete a Hemplucid MCT oil review to see if the coconut oil is organic too. This kind of oil is said to be the best carrier for cannabidiol, and that it has a lot of health benefits so we should consume medium-chained triglycerides or MCTs daily. At the moment, we’re awaiting for the response from their client support.

CBD Oil Strengths

Hemplucid 1500mg is an extremely popular option as each oil has it, but it’s not the strongest. Two oils do have concentrations of 2000mg though. Basically, the strengths vary, ranging from 150mg of CBD per 30ml bottle, to 2000mg. However, they are not uniform, so most oils are in the 250mg–1500mg range. We’d like to see this improved.

Hemplucid CBD Topicals Review

Hemplucid offers four topicals at their website:

  • Kalki THC-Free CBD Menthol Rub (a CBD isolate cream)
  • Hemplucid Full-Spectrum CBD Body Cream
  • Hemplucid Full-Spectrum CBDA Body Cream
  • Hemplucid Full-Spectrum CBD Lip Balm

The first three options are to be taken mostly as anti-inflammation aids.There is a list of powerful cannabinoids too. The Hemplucid CBD reviews left by clients are not that thrilled regarding their effect. Also, since they are made from natural ingredients, high temperature during transport may violate their power.

The CBDA body cream is an attempt to make use of one cannabinoid that is said to have great anti-inflammatory effects, but we hope for more research to justify the claim.

Polysorbates are added to oil in the creams, which is problematic if it is Polysorbate 80.

Hemplucid CBD Edibles Review

There are two types of edibles:

  • gummies
  • capsules

Sugar-coated, all-natural, full-spectrum CBD gummies have a nice list of ingredients, as there are no artificial colors. They’re made from CBD isolate, but that doesn’t help the taste much, though.

Hemplucid reviews guarantee oil quality, but… Why aren’t Hemplucid CBD gummies on our list of absolutely the best CBD gummies? For starters, they’re on the pricey side. Moreover, there’s just one potency (750mg CBD), so they aren’t giving you much choice. Not the best purchase if you’re not 100% sure you’re going to love them.

Hemplucid Kalki THC-Free CBD Gummies are better in a way that they are tastier, but, alas, they contain no other cannabinoids or terpenes.

As for Hemplucid capsules, we’re more satisfied with them. They come in 4 strengths: 15mg, 25mg, 50mg, and 75mg, so it’s really easy to dose. Why are capsules in a Hemplucid review on edibles? Capsules are basically edibles due to the digestion process, and you definitely don’t have to worry about the taste. Plus, they’re full-spectrum.

Hemplucid CBD Wax Review

Hemplucid Full-Spectrum CBD Wax Concentrate has 200mg of CBD and works like a charm! We can’t say we have any complaints about this one. Just bear in mind that if you’re planning on smoking wax, you’d better be an experienced smoker, as it takes a little practice.

Hemplucid Vape Review

Hemplucid Full-Spectrum CBD Vape is as transparent as can be, since it comes in no other flavors but natural. It didn’t make the cut for the best CBD vape oil review, though.

There are five strengths, from 150mg to 1500mg, which is nice if you’re unsure whether you’re going to like the product. You should know how to fill in the vape pen with such oil before you buy it.

Hemplucid Pet Products Review

Chicken or fish? Hemplucid has:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs (chicken-flavored)
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil for cats (fish-flavored)

What is Hemplucid used for when it comes to pets? Usually to help them with arthritis or some other kind of pain, or to calm them down.

Both options are completely natural. The cat oil is basically a mixture of full-spectrum CBD oil and fish oil, whereas the dog oil has natural chicken flavor. If you know your pet well enough, then you’ll know whether your furry friend enjoys the fishy taste or not.

Overall, we’re more impressed by the doggo version.

Hemplucid Apparel Review

If you’re the one contributing to Hemplucid reviews by giving them 5 stars, then you can show your support and love for Hemplucid by buying a beanie! They come in three colors: grey, green, and charcoal. One size fits all. Simple and casual beanies that would suit any beanie lover.

Hemplucid Discounts Review

Nothing much to be said, unfortunately. In April, there was a 40% discount on all products, and before that, Hemplucid had a subscription discount for its loyal customers. Therefore, you may be obliged to pay the full price. There is no discount for special groups either.

What the company seems to be doing is offering occasional discounts, but we would like to see more of those to better this Hemplucid review. There are lots of interesting discount options the brand could make use of.

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • They offer all types of CBD oil products
  • Water-soluble CBD oil
  • Organic hemp
  • Transparent lab results
  • Free shipping

The Cons

  • Low product variety
  • Rare discounts
  • Their website is a bit disorganized

Final Verdict

Is Hemplucid as transparent as they claim to be? Yes, and no. A better organization of products is needed so that customers could easily find their way around. The only reason this is working thus far is the fact Hemplucid does not have an abundance of CBD products.

Still, Hemplucid reviews regarding CBD tinctures are full of praise, and the water-soluble version is really practical. It is one of the best CBD oils on the market, so we heartily recommend it.


Where can I buy Hemplucid CBD oil?

You can buy all Hemplucid products directly on their website. To find out which stores have Hemplucid CBD on their offer, simply use the Hemplucid store locator on their website. They even sell their products in Europe.

At the moment, of course, we’d advise you to buy your CBD oil online due to COVID-19.

Is Hemplucid a good brand?

In terms of CBD oil quality, we couldn’t agree more. Their products are infused with first-class CBD oil. The production process is supervised and detailed. Some products are even made with nanotechnology.

Hemplucid is a reputable, trustworthy brand. The only thing is that not all of its products are of superb quality as their CBD tinctures.

What is Hemplucid used for?

Depending on the type of CBD product, Hemplucid is used in a number of situations. Topicals are mostly used for pain relief. Generally, gummies are used for relaxation, as CBD oil for sleep, or pain relief as well.

Basically, Hemplucid products aid all those states that CBD is said to be helpful with: stress, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, post-workout recovery, opioid addiction, and so on. 

We do remind you that every person is unique, so with a lack of extensive CBD research, it’s hard to make claims how exactly it will resolve your issue.

Is Hemplucid legal?

That largely depends on your whereabouts. Hemp CBD oil products are legal across all US states because they contain less than 0.3% of THC. The situation is different in other countries, so make due inquiries.

CBD oil products are not FDA approved yet, with the exception of Epidiolex (CBD oil for epileptic seizures) and few other CBD-based drugs.

logo-loudcloud-review_Hemplucid Review
  • Quality 9
  • Effectiveness 9
  • Transparency 10
  • Product Variety 8
  • Value for Money 9
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