Infinite CBD Review on CBD Isolates of Infinite Purity

Infinite CBD Review
  • CBD oil types isolate
  • Extraction method ethanol extraction
  • Origin US (domestic, organic, over 99% pure, chemical-free)
  • Third-party lab results available
  • Shipping free over $99
  • Return policy 30 days
  • Discounts first-time purchase discount, referral program, product of the month, and more

First Impressions

We’re starting our Infinite CBD review on a positive note — we absolutely love the modern design and straightforwardness!

From the moment you enter the website, it’s really easy to find your way around it and go straight to the products section, or even reviews! All product reviews are neatly stored in one place, and there are over 2,000 of them, which speaks volumes.

The Infinite CBD logo really stands for infinity as it looks like the famous sign.

Infinite CBD products can be classified into three main categories: consumable products, topical products, and a distinctive NANO line — a range of highly concentrated products based on a technology that allows for extreme potency even when consumed in minimal amounts.

Offering only third-party lab-tested products with 99% purity, Infinite CBD truly is one of the strongest players on the CBD market; and rightly so, based on our own research.

About Infinite CBD

Founded: 2016

Production: THC-free, revitalizing CBD-based products in the form of purified isolates and nano-designed extracts

Other names: n/a

Based in: Lakewood, CO, US

Retail Market: US

InfiniteCBD Maxim:Feel the purity”

The best value product (money vs. CBD content ratio): Afterglow Infinite CBD Oil

Infinite CBD Reviews: Company Background

Founded in 2016, in Lakewood, Colorado, Infinite CBD is one of the youngest CBD companies specializing in THC-free products (the so-called CBD isolates). While most CBD products usually contain at least 0.03% THC, CBD isolates produced with purity in mind; free from all other ingredients. 

Apart from the high quality they aspire for, their production is also characterized by a large number of compelling, unique products, which we cannot say for most CBD producers. 

Let’s delve a bit deeper into their product selection and justify these claims.

Review of the Infinite CBD Product Range

The wide product range is what sets Infinite CBD apart from other companies. Despite all of their products coming in simple black packaging — which some might find unattractive — they know all too well what the customers really want.

Namely, they have everything you could possibly imagine — from highly concentrated drops you can add to your morning coffee to topicals to treat your pet’s irritated skin. 

Here are the ones we personally found the most interesting.


Infinite CBD Absolute Zero Review

Product Name: Absolute Zero

CBD concentration: 1000mg

Size: 1g

Recommended for: muscle and joint pain, skincare, and relaxation

Advised dosage and treatment: inhalation, indigestion, or apply it to the skin topically

Price: $27.50

Absolute Zero is a pulverized CBD isolate you can sprinkle on your food, mix it with some lotion to get a topical product for your skin, or even vaporize it with a joint. It’s all up to you. 

What effects should you expect? 

Well, its purposes are versatile — according to Infinite CBD reviews, some consumers report a reduction in joint swelling and inflammation when applied topically, while those who ingested it instead claim that it helped them sleep soundly at night. There are even those who claim it makes a marvelous skin moisturizer with enhanced effects when mixed with any average cream or lotion. 

All in all, it’s an attention-worthy product. Still, with a $27.50 price tag for just 1g, it’s certainly not one of Infinite CBD’s cheapest products.

Infinite CBD Terpene Review

Product Name: Terpene Dropper

CBD concentration: 500mg

Size: 30ml

Recommended for: treating appetite loss, pain, inflammation, and anxiety

Advised dosage and treatment: either apply it to your skin topically or place it under your tongue and wait for at least a minute before swallowing for maximum absorption.

Price: $35.00

Ever heard about terpenes before? If not, let’s explain them briefly — they’re a mix of plant-specific chemicals that are responsible for the plant’s unique flavors and scents. Infinite CBD offers a wide range of terpene profiles combined with cannabinoids that induce a different entourage effect.

For instance, there’s more than one Infinite CBD review stating how Charlotte’s Web terpene drops helped them with loss of appetite, pain, and different kinds of inflammations. On the other hand, the Harlequin terpene drops were cited as the best ones for reducing anxiety and promoting calmness. The price of each is $35.00 for 500mg; a bargain if you ask us.


Infinite CBD Freezing Point Review

Product Name: Freezing Point Salve

CBD concentration: stick 500mg, jar 1000mg

Size: 2.5 oz and 4 oz

Recommended for: muscle pain and tension

Advised dosage and treatment: apply a small amount to the desired area

Price: $35.00–$61.50

Freezing Point is yet another popular Infinite CBD’s topical product, which reduces muscle pain and tension. Although a CBD isolate, it also contains menthol and a mixture of natural oils, such as peppermint, eucalyptus, and camphor oil. 

It comes in the form of creams and salve sticks, the latter being enriched with an additional ingredient — beeswax, which contributes to a firmer consistency. Not only do both of these products act as muscle relaxants, but they also have a pleasant smell and will leave your hands perfectly moisturized. Also, we simply can’t exclude our first impression of the packaging, seeing how it contains all the relevant information in a concise and appealing design.

Afterglow Infinite CBD Oil Review

Product Name: Afterglow

CBD concentration: 100mg

Size: 1 oz

Recommended for: skincare, haircare, and beauty

Advised dosage and treatment: apply it topically; prolonged use is advised for maximum effect

Price: $18.00

Afterglow CBD Oil contains 100mg of pure CBD, as well as other nutritive ingredients such as Vitamin E, coconut oil, lanolin, and manuka honey. It is said that the ingredients maintain the skin moisturized, prevent scars, and accelerate wound healing. 

This is yet another Infinite CBD product that is cheaper than similar topical products on the market, sitting at just $0.18 per mg of CBD. When you consider all the beneficial ingredients in the formula, this product is some good value-for-money.


Infinite CBD Asteroid Gummies Review

Product Name: Sour Asteroids

CBD concentration: 25mg per gummy (500mg per bag)

Size: 20ct

Recommended for: general well-being

Advised dosage and treatment: beginners are recommended to halve the gummies if they feel they’re too potent

Price: $36.00

Infinite CBD’s gummies are a highly potent delicacy (25mg of CBD per gummy), made of high-quality hemp, without any artificial flavors, and are the ideal choice for vegans — their elasticity comes from pectin. Since each gummy contains a high amount of CBD, it is recommended that you split Infinite CBD Sour Gummies into smaller slices, especially if you’re a first-time consumer. 

Also, they’re considered one of the most affordable Infinite CBD products, at approximately $0.09 per 1mg of CBD.  

Infinite CBD Capsules Review

Product Name: Isolate Capsules 

CBD concentration: 10mg, 25mg, and 100mg per capsule

Size: 30ct, 50ct, 100ct

Recommended for: general well-being

Advised dosage and treatment: take capsules as needed

Price: $21.00–$453.00

These capsules are also 100% natural and are based on pure CBD and coconut oil. There are three types: Isolate, AM, and PM; all coming in 10mg, 25mg, and 100mg packs. The Isolate being the lowest-priced one at $22 for the 10mg capsules (30ct), whereas both the AM and PM capsules cost $42. Still, we found them to be cheaper than similar products of other brands.

While Infinite CBD Isolate capsules could work for those who simply want to enjoy the most general benefits of CBD, AM (caffeine-infused) and PM (melatonin-infused) capsules are aimed at more specific problems. AM capsules are said to be a valid replacement for your morning coffee, while the latter is praised as an efficient sleep aid.


Every CBD Infinite review should include its innovative nano line whose peculiarities we already mentioned. Here are the two NANO products that caught our attention the most.

NANO CBD Shots Review

Product Name: NANO CBD Shots

CBD concentration: 10mg

Size: 1 oz

Recommended for: energy boost

Advised dosage and treatment: take them for a quick energy boost (pre-workout, for example)

Price: $4.50

Apart from CBD isolate, NANO CBD Shots contain a series of valuable ingredients, such as ginger, Vitamin B complex, eleuthero, and taurine. As one Infinite CBD isolate review states, they serve to boost memory, improve the immune response, increase energy levels, and promote circulation. These shots come in two forms: NANO rest and NANO energy, and you can opt for either of these based on your needs. Consumers mostly report alleviated symptoms, as well as great quality and potency for just $4.50/10mg, though some are bothered by its strong taste. 

NANO Freezing Point Cream Review

Product Name: NANO Freezing Point Cream

CBD concentration: 250mg and 1000mg

Size: 2 oz and 8 oz

Recommended for: quick recovery for those who engage in frequent strenuous activity

Advised dosage and treatment: apply the desired amount on skin and massage it as needed

Price: $29.00–$99.00

When it comes to reviews of Infinite CBD, the company is not regarded as a skincare brand although they have creams and skin products. 

Similar to the Freezing Point Salve only better. Likewise, it helps relieve muscle pain and tension while also keeping the skin highly moisturized. Overall, it received stellar reviews from customers (albeit there were only 33 of them).

Pet Products

Launch Pad Review

Product Name: Launch Pad

CBD concentration: 100mg

Size: 1 oz

Recommended for: pet skin rejuvenation

Advised dosage and treatment: rub the desired amount onto your pet’s skin, nose, or paw

Price: $15.00

Infinite CBD has a small range of pet products. Additionally, there aren’t many Infinite CBD reviews that deal with them. Infinite CBD’s pet products are mostly used for sensitive areas — such as paws and nose skin. Apart from the 100mg CBD isolate, the Launch Pad contains precious herbal components. Some of these are mango butter, sunflower oil, and rosemary, which should keep your pet’s skin protected from external factors.

Review of Infinite CBD Discounts

  • 15% discount on the first-time order
  • Referral program
  • Newsletter sign-up discount
  • Product of the month

First order

Infinite CBD offers a variety of discounts and that is why their products can be found at an affordable price quite often. For example, if you’re ordering for the first time, they take 15% off the original price (however, you will have to create an account on their website).

Referral program

This is one of the benefits frequently praised within  Infinite CBD reviews — you can get  discounts on Infinite CBD by signing up for their referral program. When you do so, you are emailed a link for your friends to use for the purchase on our website with a 20% discount. How does that impact your future purchases? When they purchase using the link, you are given 10% for your own purchase of any Infinite CBD product.


Apart from getting you a 15% discount for your next purchase, signing up for Infinite CDB’s newsletter could come in handy because it will keep you updated on all the new promotions and discounts.

Product of the Month

Infinite CBD traditionally selects a product of the month, reduces its price by 20% over the whole month and delivers a detailed write-up on its purpose. 

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • Made from organically grown Colorado hemp
  • Third-party testing result accessible from the website
  • Wide range of products
  • Simple, yet informative and comprehensive website
  • Quick shipping
  • Reasonable pricing
  • The recommended Infinite CBD dosage can be calculated based on weight
  • A number of discounts

The Cons

  • Organic status still not certified by the USDA
  • Potential clients may find the packaging design unattractive

Final Verdict

Overall, Infinite CBD leaves the impression of a serious company with huge potential. Their website abounds with educational material, and they openly share their lab test results. The most impressive thing about Infinite CBD is the dosage range of the variety of products they offer — their potency varies so everyone can find a product in accordance with their needs. 

Even though their return policy could be looser, and their packaging could use a creative overhaul, these are all minor flaws. This young company is yet to evolve and establish itself on the CBD market. Hopefully, our Infinite CBD review demonstrates just that.


Is infinite CBD legit?

Like any other CBD product, they are not yet approved by the FDA, and their medicinal application is still under research. Nevertheless, one thing is for certain — Infinite CBD’s products are made from organic, locally grown, Colorado hemp. In other words, the hemp has passed strict US regulation and is safe from any harmful chemicals and toxins.

What’s more, their products are all tested in specialized laboratories, and they’re quite transparent about it — you can find all about them on their website. Therefore, customers can rest assured that there are no hidden, unethical business practices behind this particular brand.

How long do CBD gummies take to start working?

In general, 30 to 60 minutes. However, it varies from product to product as there are lots of factors that play a role. For one, it depends on the means of their ingestion. Another thing to take into mind is that each person is unique and we all react differently to CBD; what may work for some may not be so for others.

What is the recommended dosage amount of infinite CBD oil?

There’s a neat feature on Infinite CBD’s website that allows you to calculate the exact dosage of each product. For example, if you weigh 132lbs, your estimated dosage of the Afterglow CBD oil is 13mg. If your pet weighs 10lbs, its starting amount should be 1mg. 

However, keep in mind that these are only rough estimates and that you should always consult a healthcare professional first before starting any kind of CBD therapy on your own.