Fresh Joy Organics Reviews to Weigh Out the Pros & Cons

Joy Organics Review
  • CBD oil types full spectrum, broad spectrum
  • Extraction method CO2
  • Origin Colorado
  • Third-party lab results yes
  • Shipping free shipping in the continental US on orders over $50
  • Return policy 30-day refund period + 15-day grace period
  • Discounts coupon codes, sales, and deals, subscribe and save, refer a friend

First Impressions

On its surface, Joy Organics has all the hallmarks of a company that found its place in the world of CBD. In fact, if you take a look at most Joy Organics reviews, you’ll see that they’re highly praised for their top-quality oil and other CBD products.

Joy Organics also seems to be among the more conscientious contributors to the CBD industry. Despite not being in the game for very long, Joy Organics is already one of the most recognizable brands on the current market, as well as a trusted supplier for many top distributors.

Moreover, its transparent practices placed Joy Organics on our CBD top best companies list. 

Lastly, like most companies in the CBD business, Joy Organics makes a few bold claims here and there, but nothing they can’t otherwise prove. Speaking of which, each of their unique products has a CoA to back up their claims, unlike some brands out there that go on to deceive their customers (we’re looking at you, Neuro XPF).

Joy Organics Reviews of Top 5 Products

Key Features
Joy Organics Reviews - Joy Organics Softgels
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  • Water-soluble nanoemulsion
  • Fast absorption
  • NSF certification
PRICE: $ 69.95
Joy Organics Reviews - Joy Organics CBD Gummies
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  • 0.0% THC
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Certified organic
PRICE: $ 39.95
Joy Organics Reviews - Joy Organics CBD Tincture
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  • Excellent flavor
  • Full spectrum
  • 4 strengths
  • Vegan
PRICE: $ 69.95
Joy Organics Reviews - CBD Dog Treats
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  • Great beefy flavor
  • Soft and chewy
  • Organic and kosher
PRICE: $ 34.95
Joy Organics Reviews - Joy Organics CBD Salve
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  • Great for muscle soreness
  • Highly concentrated
  • Pleasant fragrance
PRICE: $ 54.95

5 In-Depth Joy Organics Reviews

Joy Organics Softgels

  • Full name Joy Organics Premium Nano CBD Softgels
  • CBD type broad spectrum
  • CBD concentration 750mg CBD per bottle, 25mg per serving
  • Size 30 softgels
  • Packaging amber glass bottle
  • Advised dosage and treatment one softgel in the morning or evening
  • Price $69.95

These softgels are Joy Organics’s best-selling product, which is a little surprising because softgels aren’t most people’s preferred CBD delivery method.  

What’s more, despite being on the pricier side, users seem to be more than happy to pay a premium price for a premium product. That said, in our Joy Organics review, we’re also considering all the available discounts and sales to determine the true product value. 

Namely, here’s what sets these softgels apart — Joy Organics uses a proprietary nanoemulsion processing step to deliver water-soluble CBD. That process helps in two ways: 

– it “sonicates” the CBD molecules to break them down into smaller particles. 

– it creates a water-soluble delivery method that’s absorbed much faster and easier. 

What also caught our attention was the sheer number of 5-star reviews claiming that these were probably the best CBD softgels on the market. And yes, for our part, we can only say one thing — they work!

  • Water-soluble nanoemulsion
  • Fast absorption
  • NSF certification
  • Not vegan

Joy Organics CBD Gummies

  • Full name Joy Nutrition Premium CBD Gummies
  • CBD type broad spectrum
  • CBD concentration 300mg (10mg per gummy)
  • Size 30 gummies
  • Flavors strawberry lemonade, green apple
  • Packaging plastic jar
  • Advised dosage and treatment one to two gummies as needed
  • Price 39.95

Currently, Joy Organics produces only two flavors of gummies. Nevertheless, we can’t take this against them as both of these flavors get top marks. Better yet, the company announced plans for new flavors to be released in 2021, yummy indeed! 

In terms of ingredients, Joy Organics CBD gummies are a top-tier product. They’re 100% vegan, gluten-free, and have no artificial colors or flavors. In addition, they have 0.0% THC, so there’s no risk of any psychoactive effects whatsoever. 

In fact, you can expect the same top-quality water-soluble CBD powder in these CBD gummies that Joy Organics uses in all its products.

  • 0.0% THC
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Certified organic
  • Only two flavors

Joy Organics CBD Tincture

  • Full name Joy Organics Organic CBD Fresh Lime Tincture
  • CBD type full spectrum
  • CBD concentration 900mg; 30mg per serving
  • Size 1oz
  • Flavor fresh lime
  • Packaging glass bottle with dropper
  • Advised dosage and treatment one serving per day in the morning or evening
  • Price $69.95

CBD tinctures are super popular. Hence, it’s no real surprise that this is one of the company’s top-selling products. 

Note, though — instead of writing Joy Organics CBD oil reviews for every iteration, we’re focusing on the Fresh Mint 900mg presentation, which is by far the most popular. 

Namely, the thing that sets this tincture apart from the rest of the lineup is its full-spectrum formula. 

If by any chance you’re not familiar with that term, it simply means the product contains ALL the naturally occurring phytocannabinoids from hemp, which includes THC to a legally prescribed maximum of 0.3%. Why is this important, though?

Because of the entourage effect, that’s why! In theory, the many different cannabinoids synergize with one another, creating a more profound (read: beneficial) effect — hence the immense popularity of full-spectrum products.

Last but not least, just about every Joy Organics CBD review from customers praises this tincture’s taste, which comes from organic key lime oil and it’s sweetened with organic stevia. We couldn’t agree more ourselves.

  • Excellent flavor
  • Full spectrum
  • 4 strengths
  • Vegan
  • No natural flavor

CBD Dog Treats Salve

  • Full name Joy Pet Care Premium CBD Dog Chews
  • CBD type broad spectrum
  • CBD concentration 60mg; 2mg per treat
  • Size 30 gummies
  • Flavor beef
  • Packaging plastic jar
  • Advised dosage and treatment one treat for every 10 pounds of body weight as needed
  • Price $34.95

These CBD dog treats are hands down the best-reviewed product that Joy Organics sells. Although their capsules enjoy much better sales volume, Joy Organics reviews for these treats blow the capsules out of the water. 

For all intents and purposes, these CBD chews are on par with the best dog treats you can find from premium pet brands. As usual, CBD does wonders for our pet’s anxiety.

Furthermore, they’re naturally beef flavored and certified organic with two milligrams of water-soluble CBD per chew. And apart from the beefy smell, they’re also soft and chewy. Likewise, all the ingredients are perfectly safe for dogs; what’s not to love?

Uniquely, these dog treats are certified kosher. If that’s something that matters to you, this is one of the few dog treats out there that you’ll find with such a distinction.

  • Great beefy flavor
  • Soft and chewy
  • Organic and kosher
  • Relatively mild at only 2mg

Joy Organics CBD Salve

  • Full name Joy Organics Organic CBD Salve
  • CBD type broad spectrum
  • CBD concentration 500mg per jar
  • Size 1oz
  • Fragrance lavender eucalyptus
  • Packaging screw-top jar
  • Advised dosage and treatment rub a light layer onto the affected area as needed
  • Price $54.95

CBD salve was one of the original products on the Joy Organics catalog, and it’s still among its top sellers. In fact, it’s one of the only products in the company’s top 15 selling products that aren’t ingestible. 

To our great delight, this is a highly concentrated salve compared to similar products, with 500mg of CBD per one-ounce jar. Plus, it’s USDA-certified organic, yet not vegan since it contains beeswax.

However, what we liked most was that almost every Joy Organics review of this salve highlights its effectiveness at relieving sore muscles. The second most-lauded feature is its fresh and energizing eucalyptus aroma. We’d say it’s very good for nourishing the skin too.

So, if you have trouble ingesting CBD or you simply want to experiment with CBD for treating skin conditions, this is your best bet. Note, Joy Organics also makes a salve stick, which can be easily applied to affected areas or even used as a lip balm, as per most Joy Organics reviews.

  • Great for muscle soreness
  • Highly concentrated
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Not vegan

Company Background

Founded: 2018

Production: CBD-based dietary supplements

Other Names: N/A

Based in: Fort Collins, TX

Retail Market: US 

The name “Joy Organics” comes from its founder, Joy Smith; it’s a family-owned business following Joy’s personal experience with CBD used for pain relief

Also, since its inception, Joy Organics has always been serious about corporate responsibility. And seeing how this is doubly important for a wellness company, we only have words of praise for Joy Organics.

Not only that but Joy Organics actually follows through on that premise. 

Namely, Joy Smith picks a different nonprofit each month to receive a portion of all the company’s revenue, which is commendable, to say the least! 

Unfortunately, the company is not publicly traded. Hence, you should look for other CBD companies to invest in

Overall, what started as a single upscale CBD boutique in Fort Collins has now grown to three locations nationwide including many retail outlets. Moreover, a big part of the company’s business is wholesale and white-label, as well as private-label CBD, making it a potential partner for a side hustle, if that’s what you’re into.

Is Joy Organics a Good Company?

As CBD users themselves, the Joy Organics team seems to understand how crucial rigorous testing is for both product safety and consumer trust. To that end, Joy Organics produces readily available test results for every product in its lineup. 

Best of all, each product is clearly labeled with a lot number, and you can access each lot’s test results on the Joy Organics website at any point.

What we also took into consideration is that Joy Organics CBD oil reviews from users generally place it among the best and most effective CBD products they’ve ever used.

And as far as testing goes, the company works with Cannalabs — one of the most trusted labs in the cannabis industry and the first ISO-certified cannabis testing lab. 

What’s more, Joy Organics uses USDA Certified Organic hemp grown in the US. It also makes an effort to grow fast-maturing plants that reduce or eliminate the need for pesticides; with that, we should note that the company doesn’t claim to use pesticide-free products. 

Plus, in 2018, an independent review found the fungicide Imazalil in Joy Organics’s Orange Bliss tincture. Joy Smith released a statement about it and said the company would pull the product just to be sure. 

For those who wonder, “is Joy Organics legit?”, that pesticide incident is a pretty clear answer. The company didn’t try to explain it away or hide it. Instead, they took action to correct it and refunded purchases even though the pesticide probably came from the orange extract used to make the tincture. 

Finally, US Hemp Roundtable labeling appears on the site but the relationship between that organization and Joy Organics isn’t clear. Joy Organics is not a part of the US Hemp Authority certification program. 

Joy Organics Products Overview

Until recently, Joy Organics was limited to broad-spectrum CBD oil. However, it now also carries a full-spectrum tincture.

The company purports to use a proprietary supercritical CO2 extraction process. The result? Only the best quality CBD products. In fact, Joy Organics’ own review of their products states that they are made of “the highest quality broad- and full-spectrum hemp oil available,” and we wholeheartedly agree with that statement; particularly when it comes to their full-spectrum CBD oil.

Ironically, the only real complaint about the Joy Organics product lineup is that there’s still not a Joy Organics vape pen despite it being available as a private label product.

With those disclaimers out of the way, Joy Organics makes some outstanding CBD products.  

All in all, Joy Organics passes with flying colors, at least in our book.

Joy Organics Private Label

If you want to start a partnership with Joy Organics, the company makes the whole process painless and quick. For one, it provides everything you need to start selling private label CBD products, including label design, an easy ordering process, and a dedicated account specialist. 

The minimum order is set very accessibly at $2,500 and $1,000 for reorders.

Joy Organics Available Products

Let’s take a look at what Joy Organics has to offer, and what they recommend the products for.

Joy Organics CBD Oil Tinctures

  • Joy Organics CBD tinctures are available in 450mg, 900mg, 1350mg, and 2250mg bottles
  • Flavors: fresh lime (full spectrum), tranquil mint, orange bliss, summer lemon, and unflavored 
  • Good for pain, stress, and anxiety

Joy Organics CBD Gummies

  • Joy Organics CBD gummies are available in 300mg per jar
  • Strawberry lemonade flavor
  • Good for sleep, stress, and relaxing

Joy Organics CBD Softgels and Pills

  • Joy Organics Softgels are available in 10mg and 25mg strengths
  • Additional supplements: curcumin, melatonin, and CBN
  • Good for sleep management, inflammation, and joint health

Joy Organics CBD Topicals

  • Joy Organics CBD Cream, CBD salve, bath bombs, sports cream, and salve stick are available on the site.
  • Good for skin health, muscle relief, and joint support

Joy Organics CBD Oil Pet Products

  • Joy Organics pet products consist of CBD Dog Treats, Premium CBD Pet Tincture for Dogs & Cats
  • Flavors: beef and unflavored
  • Good for cats and dogs

Joy Organics CBD Energy Drink Mix

Pricing per Joy Organics Product Category

Joy Organics Product Category Price Range
Tinctures $44.95–$129.95
Softgels $39.95–$89.95
Gummies $39.95
Salve $54.95–$79.95 
Bath Bombs $19.95
Sports Cream $39.95
Cream $32.95
Salve Stick $23.90
Dog Treats $34.95
Pet Tincture $44.95
Energy Drink $19.95

The Shopping Experience

Joy Organics Review: the Website 

The Joy Organics website leaves little to be desired. It’s clean, functional, and easy to navigate. On the whole, we would say it’s better than average but could use some minor improvements. 

Plus, as soon as you arrive on the site, you’ll be offered a 15% off coupon after signing up for the newsletter. On the one hand: YAY! Coupons. But on the other hand, you might think that if they’re playing it so fast and loose with the discounts, maybe the products aren’t worth the price (they are, though, don’t worry).

The company’s story is on full display, with all the principals actively and openly participating. And that’s a refreshing sight indeed; the more disclosure and transparency there is, the less we think there’s something to hide. 

The Joy Organics phone number, along with addresses for physical locations and a contact form, are all easily accessible on the contact page.

The shop, although not super impressive, has everything you need, laid out in a way that makes sense. You’ll do most of the navigation from a drop-down menu, which is OK but a bit outdated. Also, the site is not optimized for international use, so you can expect longer loading times outside the US. 

Joy Organics Review & Shipping Options

Joy Organics did an excellent job creating a distribution network wider than just about any other CBD brand. If you live in the US, there’s a good chance you won’t have to travel very far to get your hands on some premium Joy Organics merchandise. 

There’s an easy store locator on the company website to find distributors. You can also visit one of three Joy Organics store locations in Fort Collins, Austin, or Wichita. 

If you prefer buying online, shipping is free in the continental US for orders over $50. Unfortunately, the company still doesn’t do international shipping, so if you want to get your hands on some Joy Organics in the UK or elsewhere, you’ll need to use a freight forwarding service or transport it in person.  

In keeping with the company’s corporate responsibility efforts, it partners with Carbon Fund to provide carbon-neutral shipping. 

Joy Organics Return Policy

Good news! We’ve found Joy Organics to be extremely efficient about product returns and replacements. The company officially offers a 30-day return window with an unofficial 15-day grace period tacked on. 

In practice, you’ll have 45 days to return unwanted products or request replacements. With rare exceptions, Joy Organics will provide a prepaid shipping label, as well. Most Joy Organics reviews from customers can’t speak highly enough about the ease and efficiency of the returns process. 

Joy Organics Discounts

For starters, Joy Organics has a subscription service for all of its products. You can even choose a delivery interval between 4 and 12 weeks and you’ll get 20% off the full price. 

Additionally, the company has a “We Made Too Much” section on its online store where you can find overstock products at discounted prices. Plus, there’s also a referral program where you can send friends coupons for 30% off in exchange for a $15 credit. 

On top of all that, Joy Organics frequently offers coupons and discount codes regularly.

PRO TIP: If you use the Honey browser extension, it has access to the Joy Organics site. So, if you want to get the best deals on their products you won’t have to fish around too much for a Joy Organics coupon before buying.

All in all, you can expect to never really have to pay the full sticker price for Joy Organics products, which is fairly generous of them, don’t you think? 

Special Discounts

In addition to the company’s general discounts, it has reduced price options for several buyer categories. If you’re in any of these groups, you can apply for a need-based discount:

  • Veterans
  • Teachers
  • First responders
  • Medical personnel

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • Water-soluble CBD formulation
  • Excellent reputation
  • Flawless customer service
  • US-sourced hemp
  • Family-owned and operated

The Cons

  • High sticker prices
  • One minor incident involving pesticides

Final Verdict

Joy Organics is a reliable source of CBD products whether you’re a consumer or you’re looking for a business partner. For a company that has been in the CBD business for such a short time, it has developed an incredible reputation. 

It continues to add products to an already extensive catalog and you’ll probably find just about everything you need as far as CBD goes. It even has some niche products, such as a CBD energy drink mix, which most other suppliers don’t offer. 

Therefore, we’re adding our own positive Joy Organics CBD review to the already huge bunch of favorable Joy Organics testimonies.


Who makes the best full spectrum CBD?

Although it’s a matter of some debate, we’ve found that Joy Organics has the best CBD oil overall; this includes its recently added full-spectrum option. CBDfx is a close second to the point that the two brands are pretty even when it comes to the quality of their full-spectrum CBD oil.

The only thing that slightly sets Joy Organics apart is the use of a water-soluble CBD powder in its tincture.

Who owns Joy Organics?

Joy Organics is a family-owned and operated business. Joy Smith is the original founder and remains the owner; Joy’s husband, Todd, is the company’s Chief Partnership Officer.

Who is the best CBD supplier?

Joy Organics, CBDistillery, and NuLeaf Naturals are all prospective partners, with Joy Organics probably having the fastest-growing business of the lot. 

If you’re looking to get into the CBD industry as a business, the oldest suppliers include Medical Marijuana in Poway, CA, and Gaia Herbs in Brevard, NC. 

Is Joy Organics a good company?

Yes, Joy Organics is a good, reliable company by most metrics that you can measure a business. It has shown rapid and consistent growth since its inception and it’s a family-owned business that operates conscientiously in most aspects. 

Additionally, Joy Organics reviews are mostly positive because the company works to ensure that all of its products are ethically sourced, is transparent, and works to ensure fair and equitable pricing.