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  • CBD oil types full spectrum and isolate
  • Extraction method CO2
  • Origin Florida, USA
  • Third-party lab results available for most products
  • Shipping in the continental US
  • Return policy up to 15 days and only for unopened items
  • Discounts sales, coupons

First Impressions

The first thing we noticed while preparing our Just CBD reviews was how neatly organized the homepage was. This is an immediate plus for any company; particularly for a budding CBD business

Most of their products are listed here along with their pictures, so you can easily find what you need without looking through the store section. The products on the homepage are neatly organized in intuitive categories, except for the “Weekly Special” category, but we’ll get to that further down our Just CBD brand review.

As you might expect, all of this exceptional organization won’t mean much unless the products themselves are good. And thankfully, you can access the reviews section from the homepage, but more importantly, they have a Lab Reports page. It’s nice that they feature the lab results so prominently, however, you have to search for them by entering the batch number of your product. We would like it to be better organized than that, but it is what it is.

The next agenda on our Just CBD oil review is looking at the end of the homepage; the company has made all of their info readily available at the very bottom. Things like their address, how to contact them, the terms and conditions page, payment options, etc. 

In the end, we’ll just briefly mention one important aspect — the ongoing lawsuit. Yet, fear not, as we will discuss it in greater detail in the main section of our Just CBD reviews.


Just CBD is a US-based CBD company looking to make an impact on the already burgeoning CBD market. They are not an old player by any means, so their vision of being the very future of CBD makes perfect sense. As for us, we’ll say that it remains to be seen whether they will achieve this at some point.

Whatever happens, they create and sell quality CBD products all over the US, which is in accordance with many a Just CBD company review

  • Founded: 2017
  • Production: THC-free, hemp-based CBD products grown and manufactured in the US
  • Other Names: Just Brands, Just Brands USA, SSGI Financial Services
  • Based in: Florida, USA
  • Retail Market: All 50 states of the US

For those wondering about Just CBD BBB accreditation, unfortunately, you won’t find the company among the Better Business Bureau accredited businesses. They are still new in the CBD market, so this may yet change in the near future.

Even though Just CBD is a relatively new company, it offers free shipping all over the continental US and processes free returns. All in all, Just CBD is a US-based company that makes its products solely in the US and offers them to all US citizens.

Also, Just CBD doesn’t hold a USDA Organic certification, but they are in the middle of the long process of obtaining it, so we’ll update you if something changes. 

Selected Just CBD Reviews

For now, the company has received only green lights from us, and ordering any of their CBD products is perfectly fine and even recommended. 

Nevertheless, despite the vast majority of reviews being enticing, we still need to cover the above-mentioned lawsuit. After all, you can’t order anything from a company involved in a lawsuit, right? It’s too risky. Hence, we’ll make sure to cover it thoroughly, to allow you some peace of mind.

Just CBD Lawsuit

Just CBD is currently accused of misrepresenting the exact CBD amounts in their products. The lawsuit claims that the companies behind the brand have overstated the amount of CBD in a wide range of CBD products, including oils, honey, gummies, tinctures, dried fruit, dog treats, and cartridges. 

In essence, according to the prosecution, a lot of Just CBD products have inflated figures on their labels, whereas, in reality, the actual amount of CBD is minuscule compared to these.

While making our Just CBD review, we’ve found that several other CBD companies have the exact same problem, including YiLo, HempBombs, and Strength of Hope. In fact, they are all in the same class lawsuit with Just CBD. So, on one side, this lawsuit might be nothing, but on the other, it could mean that Just CBD is selling products that should cost far less, based on the amount of CBD the lawsuit states they have.

For example, the lawsuit states that the label of the Honey Liquid Tincture says it contains 100mg of CBD, whereas the prosecutors’ reviews found merely 48.92mg. This is more than 50% less, yet some other products could have as much as 98% less CBD.

We’ll make sure to update our Just CBD review when the lawsuit ends. So, for now, we can’t say anything for certain regarding the amount of CBD found in these products, besides the fact that the products are undoubtedly safe. Thankfully, there is no lawsuit that disputes that!

Which Products Does Just CBD Offer?

Once you visit their official website, the first thing you’ll notice is the overwhelming number of CBD products. We’ll try to cover all of them and review the most important ones later on to help you decide on which product to use your Just CBD coupon on. 

Here’s what Just CBD offers:

  • CBD Jet Setter (multi-vitamins)
  • CBD honey sticks & coconut oil
  • CBD oil tincture (extract) and full spectrum tincture
  • CBD isolate
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD vape oil, pens, and cartridges
  • CBD topicals for pain relief
  • CBD bath bombs & soap
  • CBD pet treats

Just CBD also has a separate “Weekly Special” category where they change their product selection each week.

Just CBD Gummies Review

Just CBD really excels at making amazing gummy bears. They have a strong taste that’s rarely described as anything but delicious. They make them in various sizes, ranging from small 250mg packs to massive 3000mg party packs. 

What’s more, the gummies come in several different flavors, including clear, sour, apple, blueberry, and peach.

Besides the gummy bears, Just CBD also makes freedom jets and sugar-free gummies for all of you who want to watch out not to overdo it with the calories. 

Just CBD Edibles Review

Just like we said in our Just CBD gummy bears review, we can safely say that all their edibles are extremely tasty. Just CBD has unique cocoa quinoa bites that are bound to attract specific tastes, but there are also protein bars and delicious honey sticks for all of you with a distinct sweet tooth.

All in all, there’s a lot to choose from, so no matter your unique preferences, Just CBD is bound to have something for you. When we add the multivitamins and the capsules into the mix, there’s definitely something for everyone!

Just CBD Oil Reviews

When it comes to oils, Just CBD has a wide range of products. They have both full-spectrum CBD oils and isolates, but they focus primarily on oil tinctures and extracts. You can also buy coconut oils, hemp seed oils, and liquid honey tinctures.

Their CBD oil tinctures are daily interesting. You can easily consume them as any other CBD oils, and the beneficial effects tend to last for several hours. They are all THC-free, so you’ll gain the health benefits of CBD without the high of THC. 

As we mentioned in our Just CBD gummy bears reviews for the gummy flavors, the oils also come in flavors, depending on which type of tincture you chose. Naturally, if you’re looking for a natural, sweet flavor, liquid honey tinctures are definitely the best choice. They only contain pure honey, cannabidiol, and vegetable glycerin.

Just CBD oils are not among the best ones on the market, but their flavors certainly make them great and unique.

Just CBD Pain Cream Reviews

Just CBD offers several creams for pain relief, all of which work in almost the same manner as other CBD pain relief products. You can buy regular creams, roll-ons, and gels from Just CBD, all of which provide you with the same benefits.

Just CBD Vape Oil Review

Just CBD offers vape oil, and we can’t help but say that it’s delicious and one of the best vape oils out there most likely. The oils come in several fruit flavors; even in cookie flavor! Just like the gummy bears we discussed earlier, Just CBD really seems to take pride in the delicious flavors they instill in their products. 

Naturally, our Just CBD vape review cannot omit the fact that they also have their own vape pens. They are all fairly simple, and offer enough bang for the buck, with all of them costing only $10. 

Next, Just CBD also sells cartridges, and they come in a wide variety of flavors as well. Fortunately, they don’t contain any Vitamin E like some cartridges do, but they are only compatible with 510 thread pens, which is something many Just CBD cartridge reviews forget to mention. 

Just CBD Pet Product Reviews

If you want your pets to experience the same health benefits of CBD like you, you’ll be glad to know that Just CBD offers pet CBD products as well. They have dog and cat treats, but also several tinctures, all of which contain CBD and added flavors that appeal to both dogs and cats. 

Just CBD Wholesale

Like many CBD companies nowadays, Just CBD also has a wholesale program through which you can become a Just CBD wholesaler.

With that in mind, we should also mention that you can find a lot of Just CBD products on other websites too. For instance, you can buy Just CBD blunts that are entirely tobacco-free. They have the signature Just CBD trademark and use the high-quality Oregon CBD hemp flower. 

The blunts aren’t the only Just CBD product you can buy from the company’s wholesalers. There is also the delicious Just CBD licorice, with a strawberry flavor. Even though these products aren’t in the Just CBD official store, you can still buy them from these wholesalers.

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • They offer all kinds of CBD products
  • Wide range of flavors for CBD edibles
  • Free shipping and free returns across the US continental states
  • Organic hemp
  • 100% made in the US
  • Third-party lab results

The Cons

  • A pending lawsuit claiming that Just CBD products contain far lower CBD amounts than advertised
  • Not enough info on the company (relatively new brand)

Final Verdict

All in all, Just CBD is a good brand with delicious CBD edibles, oils, and more. Most of their products are tested by third parties and their customers are overjoyed for most of the time. We believe this to be a good brand with some minor hiccups and the fact that they are still relatively new in the game.

As we discussed in our Just CBD reviews, the pending lawsuit is certainly not helping them, but as the safety of their products is not a cause for concern, it shouldn’t affect the brand too much. It’s too early to judge, but we have to admit that we do, in fact, recommend their delicious products!


Is Just CBD legit?

Even though Just CBD is a relatively new company, they are still a good brand nonetheless; one that’s known for providing quality CBD products. They offer a wide array of products for different purposes and have all the necessary and transparent third-party lab results. 

The lawsuit has slightly tarnished its name, but the brand is still holding strong, and it’s unclear whether the lawsuit holds any water at all. Should the CBD percentages really be that low, it would be hard to justify all the successful sales.

Is Just CBD a good brand?

Yes, they are. They have thousands of happy customers and numerous positive reviews (over 18,000). Everything points toward them being a good CBD brand, so you can freely test their products to see for yourself whether that’s true or not.

Are Just CBD gummies good?

They certainly are, especially when you consider the taste. The gummy bears and other edibles come in a wide variety of flavors, and this seems to be somewhat of a trademark of Just CBD. People praise them for how delicious they are, especially due to the wide selection of fruity flavors. 

Is Just CBD gummies full spectrum?

Every Just CBD gummy contains 99.99% CBD isolate. This is one of the reasons for the great taste. However, Just CBD has full-spectrum oils as well.

Logo_Just CBD
  • Quality 8
  • Effectiveness 8
  • Transparency 8
  • Product Variety 10
  • Value for Money 9
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