Koi CBD Review — To Buy or Not to Buy? We Have the Answer

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  • CBD oil types broad spectrum
  • Extraction method CO2
  • Origin US, organic
  • Third-party lab results available
  • Shipping free for orders over $35
  • Return policy 30 days
  • Discounts Koi CBD rewards program, veterans, subscription, coupons

First Impressions

Koi CBD stands out in many product listings as a high-quality CBD product provider with impeccable customer service. So much so, that one Forbes article claimed that Koi CBD’s broad-spectrum oil deserves 5th place among brands that warrant a try-out in 2020.

Customers have also ranked their products very highly on the potency and quality scale. Naturally, this made our team curious, and we wanted to find out in our own Koi CBD review whether these praises were well-founded, and if indeed that be the case, what makes them so special in this tightly-packed CBD market. 

In addition, we conducted some thorough research to investigate any possible discrepancies and concerns regarding Koi CBD products and services to warn you in due time.

About Koi CBD

Founded: 2015

Based in: Norwalk, CA, US

Website: https://koicbd.com

Maxim: “We believe in helping people live better”

Retail Market: International

Koi CBD is an internationally acclaimed CBD company that first started off in the UK in its initial headquarters in Hungerford, Berkshire.

Today, they’re based in Norwalk, California, where they use US-grown hemp to develop their products — popular for both their purity and quality.

Throughout our research, we tested several of their bestselling products, and studied multiple Koi CBD reviews from users and professionals alike, and found that the brand excels in several aspects.

Koi CBD is one of the few CBD companies that provides complete insight into their extensive lab testing results, confirming both the purity and potency of their products to the general public. The only thing we would reproach is that they are still waiting to obtain the USDA Organic stamp of approval.

CBD Koi Review — Product Types

CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD Oil Shots 

  • Wellness Shots
  • Sleep Aid Shot


  • Hemp Extract Gummies (see more in our Koi CBD gummies review)


  • Hemp Extract Balms — (reviewed in further text)


  •  Hemp Extract Lotions

Koi Skincare

  • CBD Moisturizer Cream
  • CBD Facial Cleanser 
  • CBD Facial Serum
  • CBD Tightening Toner

CBD Inhaler

CBD Vapes 

Vaping Accessories

  • Vaping devices — Koi Zen, Koi Stik
  • Pods
  • Cartridges

Pet Collection

Pet Sprays

  • Koi Naturals Hemp Extract CBD Pet Spray

Pet Chews (Soft)


  • Regular  
  • Night Time

Bath Bombs

Hemp Flower

Koi CBD Merchandise

Customers can choose between four different strengths concerning tinctures, balms, and vapes, and a generous amount of tastes for tinctures (7), gummies (2), vapes (7), and inhalers (2). Meaning, Koi CBD has plenty to offer both in terms of quality and quantity, as confirmed by numerous Koi CBD product reviews.

What’s more, most of their products are available in different scents and flavors, as is the case with their bath bombs (3 types overall); not that their base product offer isn’t quite rich already, as you’ll see down below.

Koi CBD Lab Results

The CoA (Certificates of Analysis) on Koi’s website is available for everyone to see, and for almost every product too; except for the 100mg Vape Juices, and the CBD Toning Toner of the new skincare line.

These extensive lab results provide a plethora of information that confirms the quality, purity, and potency of each product.

CoA Tests for Potency

The Koi CBD lab results, conducted by Green Scientific Labs, Botanacor, and MW Labs include the following tests:

1. Cannabinoids Test  

This test reflects the overall potency of the product by showing the exact percentage of CBD, as well as other cannabinoids, per weight (density), and per unit.

Fun fact: CBD and THC are not the only elements that contribute to a positive effect. Namely, we’re talking about cannabinoids here and their numerous benefits (one of the many perks of Koi Naturals’ full-spectrum CBD products).

As such, cannabinoids tests provide information on:

  • The total CBD content
  • The total cannabinoid content
  • The presence of THC (if there is any)

2. Terpenes Test

Terpenes are also on the list of important phytochemicals when it comes to CBD products as they can enhance the effect of cannabinoids — a phenomenon also known as the entourage effect.”

A terpenes test shows:

  • The presence or absence of 23 terpenes.
  • A detailed breakdown of the concentration of detected terpenes.

CoA Tests for Purity 

It goes without saying that CBD-enhanced wellness will be for naught if there are toxic chemicals present in the product itself. Hence the following tests in our Koi CBD review:

1. Pesticide Analysis

  • Inspects the presence of 68 known pesticides.

2. Residual Solvent Analysis 

  • Inspects the presence of 19 residual solvents used in the manufacturing and extraction process.

3. Microbial Analysis 

  • Inspects the presence of pathogen bacteria, yeast, and mold. 
  • Gives the total number of aerobic bacteria, if any.

4. Heavy Metals Analysis

  • Inspects the presence of arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead.

5. Mycotoxin Analysis

  • Analyzes the presence of toxins coming from molds and yeasts.

6. Filth and Foreign Materials Analysis 

  • Shows the microscopically proven presence of other foreign materials in the batch.

7. Water Activity Test

This Koi Naturals review, like any other sanitary review, wouldn’t be complete without the water activity test. What this test does is:

  • It provides the overall likelihood of bacterial overgrowth in tested products, as well as the general likelihood of water reacting with other chemicals, or possibly modifying them. In short, it tests the general stability and safety of the product.

Furthermore, Koi CBD has a specially dedicated page for these third-party analyses, but they can also be accessed through the different product-description pages.

In addition, there is one more available option — researching the different lab results with the batch number browsing button.

As far as the negative aspects go, what we laid out in our Koi CBD product reviews is that some of the lab results are almost a year old. Worse yet, some have even failed the tests regarding bacteria presence. So, be sure to take your sweet time and review the CoA yourself before completing your purchase.

And now, the most important question…

Which Koi Product Contains the Most CBD per Unit?

As with any other CBD company, the effectiveness of Koi CBD products relies greatly on the quantity of CBD present in said products, and partially from the number of other cannabinoids. This is why full-spectrum CBD products are generally regarded as superior; a well-known fact complemented by the many positive Koi CBD oil reviews.

So, how much CBD is there in each Koi CBD product for human consumption? 

Our team went through the many third-party lab results and has done all the hard work for you!

Hemp extract shots 

  • 25.6mg


  • 10.5mg CBD per gummy (60mg pack)

CBD Oil Tinctures

  • 254.6mg (for the Koi CBD 250mg tincture)
  • 571.3mg (the 500mg one)
  • 1031.5mg (the 1000mg one)


  • 26.6mg per capsule (Regular)
  • 26.7mg per capsule (Night Time)


  • 147.0mg (the 150mg one)
  • 515.3 mg (the 500mg one)
  • 1074.7mg (the 1000mg one)


  • 233.1mg

Koi Skin Care

  • CBD Facial Serum677.8mg
  • CBD Moisturizer Cream 584.3mg
  • CBD Facial Cleanser 567.3mg
  • CBD Tightening Toner — there’s no CoA available, so we couldn’t obtain the exact amount of Koi CBD, but 500mg is noted in the product description though.

Hemp Flower 

  • 123mg

CBD Inhaler 

  • 5mg per inhalation

CBD Vapes 

  • 275.3mg (the 250mg one) 
  • 501.9mg (the 500mg one) 
  • 1,024.5mg (the 1000mg one)

Bath Bombs 

  • 106.3mg per bomb

Note: the total CBD amount for the inhalator and the soft-gel capsules is presented in the price table below.

Koi Product Overview by Price Range

When we compare this list with the one below, it’s crystal clear that you get the most CBD per dollar paid with the Koi CBD 1000mg Vape Juice, which costs $59.99.

The price ranges of Koi CBD products are comparable to other brands and have an average CBD value of around 12.5–16.7 mg of CBD per dollar.

CBD Product Price
Koi CBD Tinctures $29.99–$139.99 
Koi CBD Shots $59.99 (30 oz)
Koi CBD Gummies $9.99–$29.99
Koi CBD Balms $19.99–$79.99
Koi Skin Care $59.99-$99.99 (bundle $269.99)
Koi Hemp Flower $9.99 – $39.99
Koi CBD Inhaler $74.99 (1000mg)
Koi CBD Vapes $19.99–$59.99 (1000mg)
Koi CBD Pet Sprays $49.99 (500mg)
Koi CBD Pet Chews $24.99 (50mg)
Koi CBD Softgels $54.99 (750mg)
Koi CBD Bath Bombs $13.99 (100mg)
Koi Hemp Extract CBD Lotion $29.99 (200mg)

Koi CBD Oil Review

Purity: Pesticide-free, residual solvent-free

Origin: US

Types of Koi CBD Oil Featured in the Products

  1. Koi Naturals full-spectrum CBD (THC content below 0.3%)

Found in: hemp flower pre-rolls.

  1. Broad-spectrum CBD with undetectable THC (<0.001%)

Koi PRIZM™ broad-spectrum hemp extract

Found in: tinctures, gummies, softgels, balms, pet sprays, and pet chews.

  1. CBD isolate — THC-free

Found in: hemp shots, moisturizer cream, facial cleanser, facial serum, skin toner, lotions, bath bombs, and vape juices.

PurZorb® Micellized CBD

Found in: inhalers.

Koi CBD Review The Shopping Experience

How and where can you buy Koi CBD products?

You can buy Koi CBD items from your nearest distributor, which you can locate through the Koi CBD store finder tool. Or shop for Koi CBD products online through the Koi CBD website.

Koi CBD Webpage Review

Their webpage surprised us in many ways. The design, for one, was somewhat lackluster; particularly the product images that cannot be zoomed or seen from both sides (only the frontal image is available). Yet, what it lacks in design, it makes up for in ingenuity.

For instance, the plethora of useful and helpful features including the map-distributor finding tool, the review filtering tool, as well as the readily-available lab results, making our Koi Naturals CBD oil review all the better (and more informative)!

Lastly, the loading speed of web pages is not so great either.

Website Performance Marks

Utility: 9

Speed: 5

Information: 10

Design: 6


  • Neatly presented information on products and ingredients
  • An entire page dedicated to the third-party lab results
  • Customer reviews for most products
  • Search by batch option for lab results
  • Distributor finder tool
  • Filtering tool for the customer’s notes, for CBD products of Koi by review subject


  • Long loading time for product preview — pages.
  • Missing the image from the back of the product.
  • No option to zoom the image of a product.
  • A small number of blog posts.

Koi CBD Shipping Policy

The processing time for shipments takes around 1–2 business days, which is quite long. Yet, if we are to believe the many Koi CBD reviews, products tend to arrive a lot quicker than that.

The shipping fees and the estimated time of delivery, according to sending methods, are as follows:

Shipment Cost Shipment Method Estimated Delivery Time (business days)
Free      USPS standard > $35 4–8
$6                         USPS standard < $35 4–8
$10.00 USPS Priority 2–4

 Note that the shipping policy of Koi CBD is somewhat strict in regards to lost shipments and damaged items, as the company doesn’t take any liability in this regard.

Return Policy

Returning a product due to the damage sustained during shipment is possible within 30 days of getting a receipt. And, as many a Koi brand CBD review has already stated, the product must be in its original packaging. So, don’t throw away that receipt and be careful how you handle the product upon delivery.

Refund Policy

Unsatisfied customers can apply for a full refund if they are not satisfied with the product, and no later than 30 days after placing the order, under the condition that the customer bears all shipping costs for the return of the product.

Available Discounts

  •  Koi CBD Rewards Program

Offers a price reduction for every support Koi customers provide for this company, this is not limited to buying in bigger quantities; it also includes writing Koi CBD reviews for products, or connecting with the brand and promoting it on social media.

  • Subscription discount of 10%
  • A generous 25% off for military veterans on each order
  • Occasional actions and discounts
  • Online Koi CBD coupons


Despite the comprehensive lab tests on the website, in terms of packaging, we have quite a few negative remarks.

For one, there is no image of the product taken from behind — this is where customers can find the ingredients list (most of the time).

From our experience, a frontal image of a product is not enough to entice someone to buy a product online, even though the ingredients list is published on the website to compensate for this.

Products with the Best Koi CBD Reviews

1. Koi Hemp Extract CBD Vape Juices Review

One of the most popular Koi CBD products are none other than CBD vape juices, which can also be used orally as tinctures.


  • Watermelon Green Sour Apple
  • Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Tropical Popsicle
  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Flavorless Koi White
  • Vanilla Caramel Custard

Strengths: 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg

Available in no less than four strengths and seven flavors, these vapes are applicable to any kind of vaping device, are quite practical, and extremely potent — containing 3mg, 8.3mg, 16.7mg, and 33mg of CBD per ml, depending on the strength.

Compared to other CBD vape products, Koi CBD actually made it to our top 10 best CBD vape oils for 2020.

It’s also worth noting that our Koi CBD vape juice review is the most popular product review left by users.

Average review mark — 4.7 stars

Recommended CBD Dosage: 1ml up to 3 times daily, or more, if necessary. As always, it is advised to take a smaller dose first and wait for 3 hours before evaluating its effects.

How to vape CBD oil is not too hard to master, and you’ll probably enjoy the CBD in one of these tastes..

Oral Use: drop 1ml under the tongue, wait for 30 seconds, and then swallow it. This will allow you to determine the most optimal strength level. 

What Gives — Why Is There Such a Craze for This Product?

 Essentially the taste and the sweet smell that adds to the relaxing effect of this fruity vape oil.

Koi CBD Vape Review in Short


  • applicable to any vaping device
  • can be mixed with other e-liquids
  • good fruity flavor
  • non-restrictive dosage
  • THC-free
  • has the most content of all Koi CBD oil, 1000mg, for the lowest price per mg of CBD ($59.99)


  • available for those over 21 years of age
  • contains artificial flavors
  • having to wait for 3h after taking it for the first time

2. Koi CBD Gummies Review


  • Sour (lime, tangerine, and açai pomegranate)
  • Regular 

Strength: 10mg CBD per gummy

Available quantity: 6 or 20pcs

Average review mark: 4.8 stars

The reason we chose this product is the sheer amount of Koi CBD gummies reviews (193, to be exact) as of June 2020.

Recommended Usage: up to 3 gummies per day. Same as with vapes, first-time users are advised to wait for 3 hours after their first CBD gummy to evaluate eventual allergic reactions or other possible side effects. 

Furthermore, if you’re taking some other medication, you should always consult with your doctor before taking these gummies.

This is the most popular product among Koi CBD customers, and we can understand why since the review-research tool helped us in this regard.

What the Koi CBD Gummies Reviews Show?

Users like Koi CBD gummies essentially because they provide them with feelings of happiness and relaxation, without causing drowsiness. They also like the smooth taste of the regular gummies and the gummy-like flavor of the sour gummies.

Koi CBD Gummies in Short


  • contain broad-spectrum CBD oil  
  • THC-free


  • having to wait for 3h after taking them for the first time
  • only 3 flavors

 3. Koi CBD 1000mg Review (Balm)

Koi CBD Balms Available Sizes:

  • Travel Size — 150mg
  • Full-Size — 500mg
  • Full-Size — 1000mg

Average review mark: 4.9 stars

One of the highest ratings for Koi CBD products is most definitely reserved for this balm line, made for alleviating physical discomfort and aches in both muscles and joints.  

Available in 3 practical sizes, each containing approximately the same concentration of broad-spectrum CBD, this balm dissolves into the skin within minutes.

Both easy to use and carry, its formula is rich with 15 other healing plant essential oils which enhance all the positive CBD oil effects on arthritis, for instance, as well as for other physical ailments. 

Koi CBD 1000mg Balm in Short

There are a couple of advantages:

  • it doesn’t leave a greasy layer on the skin
  • fast-acting effect
  • the formula is rich in essential oils

but also some downsides as well:

  • it can cause irritation if used on the face and eyes 

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • High-quality CBD oil
  • Good price for value
  • Available extensive lab results
  • Wide variety of products, flavors, scents, and strengths of CBD products
  • Innovative webpage
  • Many customer reviews
  • Products are also available in CBD distributors

The Cons

  • Slow website
  • No backside images of products
  • The company offers no liability for lost shipments
  • The shipment of returned products are paid by the customer
  • No USDA Organic Certificate

Final Verdict

Traceability, transparency, and a quality-offering gives Koi CBD great momentum as they become a rising star in the CBD industry; as demonstrated by their increasing customer count.

Even though there is still some room for improvement in regards to design, certificates, and trasnparency,  Koi CBD product quality is held in high regard across multiple sources, having completed our Koi CBD review, we agree this brand’s products most definitely deserve a try-out.

Disclaimer: Information on the products’ prices and ranges could be subject to change by the manufacturer after the article publishing date.


Is Koi CBD legit?

Koi CBD is one of the most recognizable brands among CBD-supplement providers in the US. Counting only 2 employees in their base in Norwalk, California, they make around $250,000 annually from sales.

Koi CBD is featured in many lists for their premium-quality CBD products, including one for the best CBD oils in 2020, as per the Forbes magazine.

Does Koi CBD get you high?

In short, no. Koi products do not alter your consciousness as the amount of THC they contain is extremely small — as seen in lab results.

However, taking the nighttime soft-gel capsules, or the sleep Aid CBD shots, can cause drowsiness (as intended) — hence why, they should not be used when operating a vehicle or any kind of heavy machinery.

How long does it take for Koi CBD to work?

It depends on the product that is being used.

Generally, edibles can take up to two hours to work, while vaping CBD should provide almost instantaneous effects.

Will Koi CBD show on a drug test?

Even though Koi CBD products are non-psychoactive, they contain non-detectable levels of THC (<0.001%). This untraceable amount can accumulate in your body’s fat reserves with regular use. Given that these reserves are periodically released into the body, it is not advisable to take these products if you are subject to some types of marijuana drug tests.