Exhaustive 2020 Select CBD Review — All You Need to Know

  • CBD oil types broad spectrum and isolate
  • Extraction method CO2
  • Origin USA (organic, non-GMO); Oregon-grown
  • Third-party lab results available by request
  • Shipping several options
  • Return policy 30 days
  • Discounts email signup discount, senior, veteran, active duty, and first responders discounts

First Impressions

Here is our brutally honest Select CBD review! Let’s get started!

Select CBD (Social CBD) has attained a reputation of being one of the best and most versatile CBD providers on the market. Customers can expect a wide array of different potent, safe, and pure products, from gummies and topicals to pet products. Just don’t let the Select CBD name change fool you: Social CBD’s quality remained the same.

Company Background

Founded: 2019

Production: CBD-based dietary supplements and products for wellness and alternative medicine

Based in: Portland, Oregon, US

Retail Market: USA

Select CBD (now known as Social CBD) is a wellness-oriented American brand that focuses on providing customers with a variety of quality CBD products ranging from drops, tinctures, and vape pens to pet-friendly products. More importantly, Select CBD is a brand owned by the CBD and wellness-product company Sentia Wellness

According to Select CBD reviews, Sentia Wellness is also in charge of two other CBD brands, VOLCOM and ZOOEY. None of their products contain THC, so they will not get you high. The philosophy of the company centers on cannabidiol at its most unadulterated and potent form.

Although they recently rebranded and now carry a new name, Select CBD, is still referred to by its older name. So, don’t get confused if we utilize the names Social CBD and Select CBD interchangeably in our review.

CBD Oil Quality and Purity

Next in this review of Select CBD, we will discuss the quality and purity of the many ingredients used in the different products made by this brand. The main reason why we recommend Select CBD products is because the brand focuses on superb equipment and knowledge bases to create their cannabidiol.

By focusing on the quality, customers can rest assured that this brand delivers only the purest products possible. More importantly, Select CBD’s testing results come from an ISO-certified lab.

The purity of the products is most evident in Select CBD’s best CBD oil — its isolate; the liquid is clear, meaning that the product doesn’t contain anything other than pure CBD. In comparison, other brands may offer CBD oil that has a slight tint (possibly signaling the presence of other chemicals and compounds, but not always).

Select CBD is all about product transparency: the complete list of ingredients can be found on the product’s packaging, as well as on the official website. Not only that, but Select CBD also provides consumers with the lab details in the packaging of each product.

Are Select CBD Products Safe to Use?

Yes, all Select CBD products are completely safe. According to reviews for Select CBD oil, all of the products are third-party lab tested; meaning, the presence of dangerous chemicals, oil potency, and overall THC content are all checked. 

Of course, we urge you to consult a medical professional first before taking any form of CBD. This is especially important for people suffering from any chronic conditions or illnesses. Also, certain medications may interact with cannabidiol.

Overview of Different Product Types

We were shocked by the variety of CBD products available. Here is a full list of what Select CBD has in store for you.

Review of Select CBD Products:

CBD Drops

  • Broad Spectrum — Vanilla Mint, Cinnamon Leaf, Meyer Lemon, Pomegranate Tea, Natural-flavor, and Unflavored (Vanilla Mint review included)
  • Isolate — Lavender, Lemon Ginger, Peppermint, and Unflavored (Lavender review included)

CBD Topicals

  • CBD Muscle Rub (review included)
  • CBD-Infused Patch
  • Rest CBD Body Lotion
  • CBD Foot Renewal Cream
  • CBD Balm Stick (Cooling Mint and Calming Lavender)
  • Cooling CBD Roll-On Gel

CBD Vape Pens

  • Focus Spearmint 
  • Focus Peppermint (included in our Select CBD pen review)
  • Revive Grapefruit 
  • Relax Cinnamon 
  • Revive Lemon 
  • Relax Lavender 

CBD Gel Capsules

  • Recover 
  • Rest 
  • Boost (Select CBD capsules review included)
  • Balance 

CBD Gummies

  • Broad-Spectrum — Peach Mango, Lemon, Red Raspberry (Lemon review included)

CBD For Pets

  • CBD Drops (Broad Spectrum) — Bacon, Chicken, Peanut Butter, and Unflavored (“Chicken” Select CBD drops review included)
  • Paw Balm


  • CBD After Sun (review included)
  • Mint Lip Balm
  • Muscle Balm Stick
  • Muscle Rub
  • CBD Patch


  • CBD Hand Cream (Citrus Floral)
  • CBD All-Purpose Balm (Citrus Floral, Lavender, and Unscented)
  • CBD Body Oil (Bamboo Basil, and Fresh Melon)
  • CBD Body Butter — Citrus Floral, Unscented, and Light Lavender (Citrus Floral review included)

Pricing per Product Category

Product Category Price Range
CBD Drops (Broad)  $39.99 to $124.99
CBD Drops (Isolate) $39.99 to $119.99
CBD Vape Pens $24.99 to $39.99
CBD Gel Capsules $64.99
CBD Topicals  $34.00
CBD Gummies $14.99 to $59.99
CBD For Pets $24.99 to $59.99
ZOOEY CBD $30.00

Select CBD Review: The Shopping Experience

Even though all of Social CBD’s products are available online on their official website, they can also be found on the shelves of certain trusted retailers such as Walgreens and CVS. 

Website Review

Upon entering Social CBD’s official website, we were pleasantly surprised by how neatly organized and modern-looking it was. The products are listed by hovering on the “shop” tab. Furthermore, customers seeking to educate themselves on everything there is to know about CBD can click on the “CBD 101” tab. 

Yet, the only thing we did not like about the brand’s website is that they do not include enough relevant information about the brand itself. We believe the brand could be more transparent.

Interested customers can also purchase Social CBD products from trusted American retailers. In order to find a store near you, you can just click on the “find us” tab and enter your current location. However, Social CBD is not on Amazon.

Shipping Options

The US

There are two shipping methods available: via USPS and UPS. Customers who choose free shipping will have their products sent out via USPS as First-Class Mail.

Select CBD is unable to ship any of their products to South Dakota, Iowa, or Idaho due to unique state laws concerning hemp. Furthermore, they are unable to ship their vape pens to Montana, Louisiana, Washington, and Rhode Island due to vape pen restrictions.

International Shipping

International shipping is currently unavailable. According to the brand’s website, interested customers outside the US should stay tuned for potential future changes.

Return Policy

Select CBD offers a full refund for customers who have received a defective or damaged product. To receive a refund, customers need to contact customer support and ship the item back within 30 days of getting the receipt.

Disclaimer: according to Select CBD tincture review, the company does not provide refunds for spilled CBD drops. The manufacturers claim that the dropper bottles are not leak-proof. Also, non-returnable items include gift cards, personal care, and health items, as well as downloadable software.

  • Customer support: [email protected] 
  • Social CBD contact number: (843) 203-6115 (Monday through Friday; 9AM–5PM (PST))

Available Discounts

What we really liked in our Select CBD review is that the brand offers plenty of discounts for customers on a budget. Also, military/veteran discounts are available, as well as first responder discounts. Believe it or not, veterans and first responders are offered a 20% discount for life!  

Interested customers can also save money by choosing a monthly order; a 15% discount is applied to these orders. The best part? Customers can choose to opt-out whenever they want.

Select CBD Oil Review of Selected Products

Select CBD truly guarantees variety when it comes to their products. This company offers everything from CBD drops to CBD for pets. Luckily for you, we tried products from each category. Here is what we think:

1. CBD Drops Broad Spectrum Review

Product name: Vanilla Mint Broad-Spectrum CBD Drops

Product strength: 

  • 1500mg — 50mg/serving
  • 750mg — 25mg/serving
  • 375mg — 12.5mg/serving

Size: 1 fl.oz/30ml

Recommended for: anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain

Select CBD dosage: 1ml dropper by mouth as needed

Ingredients: CBD Hemp Extract, Stevia, MCT Coconut Oil, and Natural Flavors

Price: $39.99 to $124.99

Flavors: natural, unflavored, cinnamon leaf, pomegranate tea, lemon, and vanilla mint 

We were most excited about testing these CBD drops. We got the Vanilla Mint flavor ones recommended for anxiety and insomnia; now we know why!

Namely, what we loved about Select CBD Drops for anxiety is that they are completely natural, soy and sugar-free, and suitable for vegans. According to the company’s website, this product can be mixed into drinks, drizzled over food, and squeezed directly into the mouth.

What makes this product even more awesome is the fact that it contains MCT oil (or medium-chain triglycerides). Believe it or not, but MCT oil is an excellent energy source when you’re in a rush. Also, according to Select CBD oil reviews, it doesn’t contain any THC (none of their products do!).

The customer reviews we encountered were mainly positive, except for a few complaints regarding the taste and scent of the mint variety. More specifically, some customers found it overpowering. Hence, if you have a sensitive palate, we recommend choosing the natural-flavor or the unflavored variety. Otherwise, customers raved about its positive effects on alleviating anxiety and stress.

2. CBD Drops Isolate Review

Product name: Lavender Isolate CBD Oil Drops

Product strength: 

  • 500mg — 16.7mg/serving
  • 1000mg — 33.3mg/serving
  • 2000mg — 66.6mg/serving

Size: 1 fl.oz/30ml

Recommended for: soothing and relaxation

Select CBD oil dosage: 1ml dropper by mouth as needed

Ingredients: CBD Hemp Extract, MCT Coconut Oil, Lavandin Essential Oil, Stevia, Passionflower, and Chamomile

Price: $39.99 to $119.99

Flavors: lavender, lemon ginger, peppermint, and unflavored

The next product we tested was the Social CBD Isolate Drops in the natural lavender flavor. As a side note, CBD isolate is pure CBD without any traces of THC or any other cannabinoids or terpenes.

Our first impression of this product was that it smelled and tasted amazing! Not only is it enriched with quality lavender essential oil, but it also contains natural ingredients such as passionflower and chamomile. When combined, these herbs help reduce stress and anxiety, so we recommend it for days when you just want to unwind. 

Furthermore, it is not only THC-free, but also dairy-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.

The customer reviews for this product were predominantly positive, and on the Select CBD website, the isolate CBD drops received a 5-star rating. According to Dee D, this product helped improve sleep quality, and it also helped Brenda M’s cancer-inflicted father feel better. 

3. Select CBD Vape Pen Review

Product name: Focus Peppermint Vape Pen

Product strength: 

  • 125mg — 250mg

Size: .018oz/.5g

Recommended for: for peace and clarity

Advised dose: around 5mg of CBD per hit

Ingredients: CBD Hemp Extract, Essential Oils, and MCT Coconut Oil

Price: $24.99 to $39.99

Flavors: lavender, cinnamon, peppermint, spearmint, lemon, and grapefruit

One of the most popular products this company has to offer has to be the Select CBD vape, which the manufacturers enriched with highly refined essential oils and the purest extracts possible. This product, like the other products from this brand, has been 3rd-party-lab tested and is THC-free.

In this Select CBD Focus review, we tested the peppermint variety. Honestly, we are surprised by how delicious and refreshing the flavor was. Furthermore, it managed to stimulate our senses and considerably improve our focus. In the future, we will check out the remaining flavor options for sure!

However, we came across user reviews that were mixed; for instance, Alison K noted that on Select CBD’s website, the products run out too quickly. Also, even though we loved the peppermint flavor, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. For example, in one Select CBD review of the vape, Kev Z claimed that the product started tasting “like burnt plastic after 4 days.” Nevertheless, we have not experienced this ourselves with the CBD oil vape pen. 

4. CBD Gel Capsules Review

Product name: Boost CBD Gel Capsules

Product strength: 

  • 33.3 mg of CBD per serving

Size: 0.95oz/27g

Recommended for: boosting energy levels

Advised dose: one capsule a day

Ingredients: CBD Hemp Extract, Essential Oils, MCT Coconut Oil, Moringa, Gelatin, Purified Water, Glycerin, and Yerba Mate

Price: $64.99

In order to write all of these Select CBD oil reviews for you, we needed a lot of energy. So, we decided to try out Boost CBD Gel Capsules, which are recommended for increasing energy and alertness levels. Here is what we think.

Firstly, this product does not only provide natural energy, but it also offers minerals, antioxidants, and necessary vitamins. Furthermore, it contains 75mg of Yerba Mate (a clean source of energy) and 75mg of Moringa (known as a mineral-rich superfood). Also, it is sugar and soy-free.

This best CBD oil product really did wonders for our energy levels. After a short while, we felt more focused and productive. The user reviews on this product are also positive. According to Eric L, the CBD capsules helped improve their mood, while Nita B just felt good overall.

5. CBD Topicals Review

Product name: CBD Muscle Rub

Product strength: 

  • 250mg CBD per bottle

Size: 3 oz/85g

Recommended for: for muscle fatigue and pain

Advised dose: no official recommended serving

Ingredients: CBD Hemp Extract, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, Natural Menthol USP, Vitamin E, Ilex Paraguariensis Leaf Extract, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract 

Price: $34.99

Select CBD Muscle Rub is a highly concentrated, fast-absorbed topical cream ideal for sore joint points and muscle fatigue. Reviews show that it is effective in providing fast relief and the convenient bottle is perfect for travelers.

Our first impression of the CBD Muscle Rub product was that it provided a cooling sensation with a fresh scent. When applied to the sore areas, the skin absorbed it quickly without leaving residue. Furthermore, this product does not contain artificial colors and fragrances.

We checked out other user reviews, and we were pleasantly surprised by how many people claimed that this product worked for them. According to Jennifer P, the Select CBD Muscle Rub relaxes her muscles before going to bed and helps her sleep better. Another customer, Eileen G, claimed that this product worked almost immediately for her and it lasted 4 hours.

6. CBD Gummies Review

Product name: Lemon Broad-Spectrum CBD Gummies

Product strength: 

  • 25mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD per serving

Size: 10 count/60 count

Recommended for: mood and stress control

Advised dose: 2 gummies per day

Ingredients: CBD Hemp Extract, Vegetable Oil, Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Water, Gelatin, Pectin, Apple Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavors, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Carnauba Wax, and Citric Acid

Price: $14.99 to $59.99

Flavors: peach mango, lemon, and red raspberry

According to Select CBD reviews, the Broad Spectrum Gummies contain an impressive 25mg of CBD per serving without artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors. Furthermore, this product is completely soy-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Hence, it’s suitable for people with allergies.

As we mentioned, this gummy product comes in two sizes, a pack of 10 and 60 gummies. According to the company’s website, the 10-pack contains 5 servings; the serving size is 2 gummies or 12.5mg per gummy.

We really liked the fact that these are broad-spectrum gummies, so customers will be getting hemp extract at its maximum potential without any THC. The majority of reviews for Select CBD oil gummies are positive; the only complaint we came across was about the gummies not being “chewy” enough.  

7. CBD For Pets Review

Product name: Pets Chicken Broad-Spectrum CBD Drops

Product strength: 

  • 250mg, 500mg, and 750mg

Size: 1 fl.oz/30ml

Recommended for: stress relief

Advised dose: .2mL drop per 10 lbs

Ingredients: CBD Hemp Extract, MCT Coconut Oil, and Natural Flavors

Price: $24.99 to $59.99

Flavors: bacon, chicken, peanut butter, and unflavored

Like the majority of competitors, Select CBD also offers pet-friendly CBD products for the furry members of the family. According to Select CBD reviews of the drops, this product is completely plant-based and free of any artificial flavors. Furthermore, it is sugar and soy-free.

On the company’s website, this product is recommended for treating anxiety and promoting the overall well-being of pets. We tested it out on Kelsi, a 6-year-old Goldendoodle suffering from separation anxiety. Believe it or not, after just a couple of weeks of taking the drops, Kelsi was calmer and less destructive when left alone.

The Select CBD Drops reviews by users are mainly positive. According to Alisha S, her Beagle enjoyed this product very much. Furthermore, Susan H’s 13-year-old Border Collie doesn’t even notice that she is getting it in her food.

On the flip side, cat owners Julie and Jessica B claim that their felines just do not want to eat it with their food, so maybe some other CBD cat oil would be best.


Product name: Volcom CBD After Sun

Product strength: 

  • 100mg CBD per bottle

Size: 3 fl.oz/88.7ml

Recommended for: soothes skin after exposure to the sun

Advised dose: no official recommended dosage

Ingredients: CBD hemp extract, Shea butter, and Colloidal oatmeal 

Price: $30.00

In this Select CBD Oil review, we will also be mentioning VOLCOM CBD After Sun. According to reviews, it is the perfect way to treat your skin after exposing it to the harmful UV rays this summer. With 100mg of CBD per bottle, we believe this is a definite grab.

Just like other Select CBD products, this item is also third-party-lab tested and made from hemp grown in the US. It does not contain any artificial colors or fragrances. The additional oatmeal and the shea butter makes the skin smooth, supple, and protected.


Product name: ZOOEY Citrus Floral CBD Body Butter

Product strength: 

  • 75mg of CBD per bottle

Size: 3 fl.oz/88.7ml

Recommended for: for soothing and moisturizing dry skin

Advised dose: no official recommended dosage

Ingredients: CBD, shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil

Price: $30.00

Last, but not least in our review of Select CBD, we have this amazing body butter. We will be honest with you, this product is on the expensive side. Also, the CBD content is only 75mg per bottle, which is not nearly enough considering the $30 price tag.

Nevertheless, it does an excellent job of keeping your skin moisturized and supple all-year-round. Also, it is TSA-compliant and completely travel-ready.

Unfortunately, this product has only one user review on the company’s website. According to Renee B, the body butter could be slightly thicker. Thicker or thinner, we believe this is a product you should definitely try out if you have the extra money for it.

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • All of their products are completely THC-free
  • Customers have access to third-party laboratory reports
  • Products available in Walgreens and Select CBD stores
  • Frequent promotions and discounts available
  • The website is professional, sleek, and simple to use
  • They offer potent CBD products

The Cons

  • Not a lot of information about the company
  • Not enough variety flavor-wise
  • The CBD pens have an odd taste when the oil is running low
  • It is hard to tell how much oil is left in CBD pens during usage

Final Verdict

Social CBD or Select CBD is an exceptional brand if you are interested in trying out a variety of concentrations and flavors. They offer excellent product transparency, as customers know exactly what ingredients they are getting with their products. Not only that, but the customer service is highly responsive and ready to answer any and all questions. 

On the flip side, we wish there was more information about the company itself. All in all, Select CBD gets a two thumbs up from us. If you found this Select CBD review useful, please share it with family and friends who may be interested!


Is Select CBD full spectrum?

No, Select CBD is not full spectrum. Their CBD drops come in two varieties, broad-spectrum and isolate. This also means that all Select CBD products are completely free of THC.

Isolate CBD:

  • The purest form of CBD
  • every other compound in the plant is removed (including plant parts, flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids)

Broad Spectrum

  • made using a distillate
  • they contain CBD and other minor cannabinoids from hemp

How do you use Select CBD?

Select CBD can be used in a variety of ways, from vaping, mixing into drinks, mixing into food, or applying directly on the tongue. CBD can be used for treating different conditions including:

  • Cancer 
  • Seizures
  • Anxiety (reduces stress, stabilizes heart rate)
  • Insomnia
  • Epilepsy
  • Pain
  • Acne, and so on.

Does Select CBD get you high?

Since Select CBD’s products do not contain any THC, they will not get you high. In short, CBD is not psychoactive. Sometimes CBD is blended with THC, but these two are entirely different from one another.