TryTheCBD Review: Should You Actually Try This Brand?

  • CBD oil types full spectrum, isolate
  • Extraction method CO2
  • Origin Colorado, US (non-GMO, pesticide-free)
  • Third-party lab results available
  • Shipping free on orders over $75
  • Return policy 30 days
  • Discounts several discount programs available

First Impressions

A great number of people had the same first impressions as the ones we express in our TryTheCBD review—this brand deserves our trust. With its Colorado-sourced hemp, elegant packaging, extremely helpful customer support team, and informative website, TryTheCBD has quickly climbed to the top of the CBD industry.

Their all-natural, eco-friendly CBD products are packed with antioxidants and neuroprotectants, which is how TryTheCBD and its founder succeeded in winning over the hearts of many cannabinoid connoisseurs. All this appeared pretty striking to our team, so we decided to investigate this brand and try out their most popular products.

If you want to know what we’ve learned, keep scrolling through our review.

Company Background

Founded: 2015

Other names: TTC

Production: CBD-based holistic supplements

Based in: Denver, CO, USA

Retail market: US

Motto: Choose to feel life at its best.

Member of: GreenZone Hero, The National Hemp Association, The Hemp Industries Association

TryTheCBD Review

Now, there’s not much information about the company and its owners. There’s no heartwarming background story or elaboration on what the company stands for. Many TryTheCBD reviews criticize the company for this, but we believe this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We agree it would be nice to know more about the people behind the brand, but maybe we don’t have to know everything.

From our point of view, the company’s more focused on creating high-quality products and letting them speak for themselves. As long as the team is transparent about what they produce, there’s no real harm in maintaining a dose of anonymity.

Quality, Purity, and Safety

Hemp Sourcing and CBD Extraction

The company gets its hemp from one of the best sources in the US—Colorado—which we (and other TryTheCBD reviews) really appreciate. Colorado’s well-known for growing the highest-quality hemp, owing to its strict cultivation regulations, altitude, mineral-rich soil, and the purest water from the Rocky Mountains.

Colorado’s hemp-cultivation regulations guarantee the hemp contains no toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, and other dangerous substances.

The brand also uses the cleanest extraction method—CO2, resulting in premium CBD products.

Third-Party Testing

The brand tests all their products in Colorado-based Botanacor Laboratories and Massachusetts-based ProVerde Laboratories. You can access the lab results by scanning the QR code printed on every product label, or you can look them up under Lab Results on the company’s website. If you have issues finding TryTheCBD lab testing results for a specific batch, you can contact customer support, and they’ll gladly send you the results. Additionally, the results are also available in every product description.

We did thorough research on the brand, went through numerous reviews but found no reports of pesticides, toxins, metals, inconsistencies, fake products, or unethical practices. So far, the brand’s transparency on products is admirable.

Are TryTheCBD Products Safe to Use?

All TryTheCBD products are completely safe to use and have CoAs to prove it. Still, you should always follow general guidelines regarding the consumption of (their) CBD-infused products:

  • Never diagnose or treat yourself;
  • Read a TryTheCBD review carefully before you decide on a product;
  • Always follow and never exceed the recommended dosage;
  • Consult a doctor before you consume CBD if you have a chronic condition, illness, or take medications that can interact with CBD and cause side effects;
  • Do not consume TryTheCBD products if you’re allergic to some of the ingredients (ingredient lists are available in every product description);
  • Consult your physician immediately if you notice any CBD oil side effects;
  • Do not consume CBD products if you’re pregnant or nursing;
  • Do not give pregnant or nursing pets any CBD products.

Overview of Different Product Types

If we compare TryTheCBD vs other CBD companies, we see it’s fairly small. Nevertheless, TryTheCBD offers a rich product range, which you can order on its official website.

TryTheCBD Available Products


  • Full spectrum and isolated CBD oil
  • 200mg, 500mg, 600mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, 3000mg, and 5000mg of CBD
  • One flavor
  • Vegan- and gluten-free
  • Good for pain relief, anxiety, stress

CBD Vape Cartridges

  • 300mg and 500mg of CBD
  • Pre-filled with CBD and Tec Temper
  • No PG, VG, MCT, or vitamin E acetate
  • 10 strains
  • Good for relaxation, mood, energy

CBD Vape Oil

  • 1000mg and 3000mg of CBD
  • 15ml bottle
  • All-natural ingredients
  • 10 strains
  • No PG or VG
  • Good for anxiety, pain management, relaxation, sleep

TryTheCBD Vape Pen

  • Disposable
  • 200mg and 300mg of CBD
  • No PG, VG, or MCT
  • Available in 7 strains
  • Good for relaxation, anxiety, and pain relief

CBD Gummies

  • CBD isolate
  • 2 types: sugar-free and vegan
  • 600mg and 900mg of CBD
  • 30 pieces
  • Organic ingredients
  • Good for wellness, stress, anxiety, aches

CBD Softgels

  • Full spectrum and THC-free
  • 30mg of CBD per softgel
  • Allergen- and gluten-free, vegan
  • 30 and 60 pieces per container
  • Good for pain relief, stress, wellness

CBD Capsules

  • Full spectrum and THC-free
  • 25mg of CBD per capsule
  • 5, 10, 30, and 60 capsules per container
  • Good for overall well-being, anxiety, seizures, pain alleviation

CBD Topicals

  • CBD Cream
  • CBD Lip Balm
  • CBD Balm
  • CBD Lotion (Butter)
  • CBD Muscle Gel  
  • 50mg–500mg of CBD
  • Good for arthritic pain, inflammation, skin care

CBD Crystals

  • CBD isolate
  • 99%+ pure hemp extract
  • ½ g, 1g, and 5g container
  • Can be mixed with terpenes, oils, foods, and liquids
  • Good for wellness, relaxation, pain relief, inflammation, anxiety

CBD Shatter

  • CBD isolate
  • 97%+ pure hemp extract
  • 1g container (1000mg of CBD)
  • 6 strains available
  • Good for pain alleviation, inflammation, anxiety, wellness

CBD Oil for Pets

  • 600mg of CBD 
  • 15ml bottle
  • For dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds
  • No heavy metals or pesticides
  • Good for anxiety, stress, pain, nausea, epilepsy, arthritis

Product Health Notice

Despite the fact that numerous TryTheCBD reviews claim these products give excellent results with different symptoms and health issues, the brand makes no medical claims. Its products aren’t made to prevent, cure, or diagnose any medical issues.

Note: FDA doesn’t classify CBD products as dietary supplements or prescription drugs. Still, TryTheCBD follows all FDA guidelines.

Pricing by Product Category

CBD Product Category Price Range
Oil $19.99–$234.99
Gummies $49.99–$59.99
Capsules $15.99–$94.99
Softgels $60.00–$115.00
Topicals $7.99–$49.99
Vape Pen $27.99–$34.99
Vape Cartridges $34.99–$49.99
Vape Oil $49.99–$149.99
Crystals $9.99–$79.99
Shatter $39.99
Oil for Pets $39.99

TryTheCBD Review: The Shopping Experience

Website Review

TryTheCBD website’s easy to navigate, despite the abundance of information. Everything’s well-organized into categories and tabs so you can quickly find what you need.

TryTheCBD’s website has an educational blog, which explains how to use QR codes to find lab results, and covers the latest news in the industry, important CBD topics like the benefits of CBD oil for dogs, how to use CBD oil, how to cook with it, etc. It also has a CBD Help Center that will answer all your questions.

What we loved the most are the product descriptions. Each product created by TryTheCBD is reviewed by customers, described to the tiniest detail, accompanied by infographics, explanations, guides, frequently asked questions, and videos from the company’s Vimeo channel.

Overall, the shopping experience was simple, quick, and really positive!

Shipping Options

TryTheCBD currently ships its products only within the US via USPS. Shipping is free for all orders over $75.

Return Policy

The company will refund you the purchase price within 30 days after your purchase (for unopened and unused products). Note that shipping costs are non-refundable.

TryTheCBD Discount Offers

  • First-purchase discounts
  • Buy-1-get-1-50%-off discounts
  • Lifetime 30%-off discount for veterans, military personnel, firemen, people with low income, government employees, and students
  • Loyalty program: earn points every time you shop and redeem them for products.
  • Regular discounts and sales
  • Bulk discounts
  • Coupon codes

TryTheCBD Review: Selected Products

The company offers a good selection of CBD products. We tried the most popular ones: here’s what we thought of them.

TryTheCBD CBD Oil Review

Product name: CBD Oil

CBD type: full spectrum

Strength: 500mg

Size: 0.5oz/15ml 

Flavor: natural

Recommended for: stress, anxiety, pain relief

Suggested use: Start with a low dosage and gradually increase.

Natural ingredients: hemp-derived CBD, MCT oil

CBD concentration: 33.33mg/1ml

Price: $89.99

TryTheCBD understands people’s needs aren’t universal, that’s why their oil comes in different concentrations. 500mg is ideal for CBD beginners or people who need relaxation, while 5000mg is more suitable for severe or chronic pain.

However, the full spectrum 500mg CBD tincture by TryTheCBD comes in only one flavor—natural, which might be a problem for people who like their CBD oil to be of a different flavor. It tastes and smells earthy and nutty: we didn’t find it strong or imposing on the senses, though, and there’s no bitter aftertaste. You can also mix the oil in with your food or drink to mask the natural taste.

The brand recommends holding the oil under your tongue for about 30 seconds before swallowing it. This enhances the bioavailability and allows your body to absorb the ingredients more quickly.

While researching the effectiveness and quality of TryTheCBD, we only reviewed its full spectrum oil. However, the company’s CBD oil is also available as an isolate, with 0% THC. This is a far safer option if you regularly get tested for drugs or your state doesn’t allow absolutely any detectable THC levels in CBD. However, it lacks the entourage effect that only full spectrum oil offers. Full spectrum oil also has essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which makes it a good natural alternative to traditional chemical supplements.

The oil is efficient in alleviating stress and lowering anxiety levels, and we simply loved it. It’s also a part of our list of the best CBD oils.

TryTheCBD Vape Pens Review

Product name: Disposable CBD Vape Pen

CBD type: full spectrum

Strength: 300mg

Weight: 1.5oz

Flavor: Gorilla Glue #4

Recommended for: relaxation, anxiety, inflammation, pain management

Suggested use: Start slowly and double or triple the dosage every few hours until you reach the desired effects.

Natural ingredients: hemp-derived CBD, TEC Temper, all-natural botanical terpenes

Price: $34.99

Vaping is one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD. It offers the same benefits as regular CBD oil but in a variety of fun flavors.

What’s great about this TryTheCBD vape pen is that it contains no THC, nicotine, PG, VG, or MCT oil. Instead, the company mixes the CBD and terpenes into a carrier liquid—TEC Temper. This special blend is designed to reduce inflammation, resulting in a smooth vaping experience that doesn’t leave you with an irritated throat.

The pens are available in 200mg and 300mg strengths, and they’re great if you’re unsure whether you’d prefer vaping—they can provide much-needed relaxation in a very short time. Finally, if you decide you like vaping, then you can enter the wonderful world of CBD vape pens.  

TryTheCBD Review of Softgels

Product name: CBD Softgels

CBD type: full spectrum

Strength: 900mg

Size: 30 pieces

Recommended for: wellness, stress, pain relief

Suggested use: 1 softgel daily

Natural ingredients: hemp-derived CBD, fractionated coconut oil, corn starch, purified water, caramel

CBD concentration: 30mg per softgel

Price: $60.00

TryTheCBD definitely scores really high in every category — CBD capsules and softgels included.

Allergen-free, gluten-free, and 100% vegan, these softgels contain 30mg of CBD each and are suitable for anyone who doesn’t have the time to mix their CBD in food or hold it under their tongue. They’re also great for discreetly consuming CBD in public, as all TryTheCBD reviews agree. You can’t feel the natural flavor or smell of the capsules. They’re great for alleviating pain, as well as relaxation and diminishing stress.

TryTheCBD Topicals Review

Product name: CBD Muscle Gel

CBD type: full spectrum

Strength: 500mg

Size: 3oz

Recommended for: painful and sore joints and muscles

Suggested use: Apply a thin layer and massage into the skin.

Natural ingredients: hemp-derived CBD, menthol, aloe vera extract, Arnica montana extract, tea tree oil, water

Price: $49.99

What we especially liked about this gel is that it’s all-natural and vegan-friendly. Also, this product by TryTheCBD was reviewed by athletes who need muscle tension relief after a workout, as well as elderly people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and stiff joints. Everyone seems to love it.

The gel comes in a roll-on container, so you can easily massage it into your skin. Another plus is that it’s not sticky or greasy and leaves no residue. It smells minty and fresh and gives you a slightly cooling sensation.

We found it was great for post-workout soreness because it noticeably alleviates pain not long after application. This is why we believe it would also be effective with chronic pain.

TryTheCBD Review of CBD Oil for Pets

Product name: CBD Oil for Pets

CBD type: isolate

Strength: 600mg

Size: 0.5oz/15ml (about 300 drops)

Flavor: natural

Recommended for: stress, separation anxiety, aches, seizures, nausea, arthritis

Suggested use: 3–4 times a day, adult pets under 20 lbs: 2–3 drops, over 20 lbs: 3–4 drops 

Natural ingredients: 100% hemp-extracted CBD, organic hemp seed oil

Price: $39.99

Numerous reviews are full of praise for this CBD oil for pets. People say it nourishes their pets, helps them with appetite issues, aggression, anxiety, pain, and so much more.

We love that it’s suitable for dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits, not just one pet species.

Just like the full spectrum 500mg CBD tincture, TryTheCBD oil for pets is only available in one flavor. Nevertheless, people reported no issues in administering it to their animal friends. If your pet is particularly stubborn or doesn’t like the taste, you can mix it in with their food and they won’t even notice.

Final Verdict

The Pros

  • Gluten- and pesticide-free, non-GMO
  • Good selection of products
  • Reasonable prices
  • Discounts
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee

The Cons

  • Too little information about the company
  • CBD oils available only in natural flavor
  • No international delivery

Final Verdict

With a nice selection of high-quality products, good customer service, and positive user experience, this company is bound to become big very soon, judging by its stellar reviews. The brand is determined to provide their customers with only the best all-natural products at reasonable prices. 

After trying out various products for our TryTheCBD review, we believe everyone should give them a chance—they won’t disappoint you.


Who’s the founder of TryTheCBD?

TryTheCBD’s founder and CEO is Dali Dugan, who’s also a co-founder and CEO of a vaporizer cartridge company called VapeNTerps. This is probably the reason why TryTheCBD offers such a great variety of high-quality vaping products. Dugan is also a co-founder and CEO of HealthWorx CBD.

Is the TryTheCBD site safe?

Absolutely! Apart from caring about its customers’ health, TryTheCBD also cares about their safety, providing them with an excellent shopping experience. You can pay for your products securely with a debit or credit card.

How do you become TryTheCBD’s affiliate?

Becoming a TryTheCBD affiliate costs absolutely nothing. You don’t have to invest or purchase a product to qualify for this program. Just fill out a form on their CBD Affiliate Programs page, and you’ll get a referral link you can share anywhere on the internet.