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We’re a passionate team of cannabis and CBD enthusiasts. Over the years, we’ve gained quite a bit of experience and knowledge in this industry and decided to share it with the world. We aim to spread knowledge about the substance, help people target their symptoms, find the best products, and save money when purchasing them.

What Makes Us Different

We were greatly inspired to start LoudCloudHealth.com after doing our own research about CBD. We weren’t very satisfied with what we found. There are limited sources for knowledge, and the facts are inconsistent and vary. Some of the information we found isn’t even true! 

Many of these websites are focused on selling their own products or other money schemes, so they don’t care about sharing the most accurate information.

After seeing this, we wanted to help set the record straight by creating a trusted source for CBD knowledge. We focus on the truth, all the way down to little details. Our information is based on our years of experience, in addition to deep research from valid sources (like the results of authentic scientific studies).

Why Do We Do It? 

Our motive is simple: we love CBD and we love helping people. This substance improves the lives of every member of our team in some way, and we want to share the incredible benefits with the world. 

We’re proud to share that LoudCloudHealth is the result of our dream. We primarily share knowledgeable articles about CBD-relevant topics, but our portfolio of brand reviews is growing as well. 

CBD Reviews

Our website isn’t just focused on sharing knowledge about CBD. When doing our research, we also found that there are very few authentic reviews of brands. The benefits of CBD are obvious, but it’s important to trust the brands you’re buying it from. 

We aimed to change this by providing 100% honest and unbiased reviews! We analyze how each brand sources their CBD, their third-party lab tests, and further details.

Responsible Usage

Although CBD is not psychoactive, our knowledge extends to cannabis too. Because of the close relationship the two have, we share knowledge about marijuana-derived substances as well. While marijuana has many benefits, it’s important to understand the differences it has when compared to CBD. We urge everyone to use marijuana responsibly as it does have more intoxicating effects.

Meet the Team

Bojana Petkovic

Bojana Petkovic, Project Manager

A cannabis enthusiast, fascinated by the plant’s healing powers and the ever-changing world of the marijuana industry, trying to work out what is going on and let you know all the fun details — that’s my mission here. Keeping you high and healthy!

Laurice Wardini

Laurice Wardini, CBD Expert Writer

I’m Laurice, freelance writer and weed enthusiast. After smoking weed for years, I fell in love with CBD for my anxiety and pain. I’m constantly amazed by how it benefits my body without the negative effects of marijuana. CBD lets me stay completely sober while targeting my worst symptoms, which I’m grateful for every day!

Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, MD

Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, MD, Medical Advisor

I’m a board-certified family physician, co-founder and project manager of MedAlertHelp.org. I also serve as a content strategist and medical advisor for the wonderful authors at LoudCloudHealth. We work together on providing you with the latest and most accurate information regarding marijuana, CBD, and beyond.

Onur Unlu

Onur Unlu, CBD Expert Consultant

I am an organic Cannabis Producer in the Oregon Recreational Market with a focus on CBD dominant cultivars. I enjoy using my green thumb to learn the science behind CBD at the ground level, working with the plants to understand how it is derived. I also focus on the production processes and quality control of CBD products offered here at LoudCloudHealth, as well as verifying all products have been properly licensed and meet regulations.