Famous THC Detox Methods That (Don’t) Work

THC Detox

THC is quite controversial, isn’t it? The effects of THC last a millisecond compared to how long its traces stay in our bodies after we ingest it. Hence, eventually, you will require a THC detox even though it could’ve been ages since you last experienced the blissful impact. Life’s just not fair sometimes, but that’s the way it goes!

No matter the reason for your tetrahydrocannabinol detox, we’re here to help you out!

First, we’ll share some knowledge regarding the process that goes on in your body when THC enters the ECS system. Then, we’re going to break some myths about detox pills, magic detox kits, and show you proven ways to detox THC out of your system and feel good again.

By the way, we can vouch you aren’t going to like some of these suggestions. That will be your first lesson today: eliminating THC out of our system is not super easy!

What THC Does to Your Body

Body, not mind, but you can keep that smile on your face. Here is what happens when we take in THC.

THC or delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (▵9-THC) is a world-renowned cannabinoid with a multitude of various effects. How to detox THC is easier when you know what it does to our bodies. For starters, it makes a huge difference whether we inhale or eat THC. This greatly impacts the concentration (the potency), as well as how it makes us feel. Nevertheless, whether you inhale it through the lungs and get it into the bloodstream that way, or have it processed by the liver first, these two facts remain:

  • THC connects with CB1 brain receptors.
  • THC is extremely fat-soluble.

The latter is more important for weed detox as it suggests that our fat tissue “loves” THC. The fat attracts and binds with THC, accumulating it as THC-COOH for the days to come. Later on, it slowly releases some THC into the bloodstream.

Is it better to inhale or ingest THC for a better high? Opinions differ, studies are lacking, but bear in mind that you will take in more THC by vaping than by smoking. What matters is that THC is always stored in the fat, and we get it out of our bodies through urine or feces.

THC Detox Factors That Matter

Now that we know where it’s hidden, let’s see how we can get it out of there as soon as possible!

There are several factors to take into consideration:

  • Frequency of use — chronic users will have a harder time, obviously. Not only due to the stored THC in the body but passing a drug test is also tough due to the habit itself, so taking a break is probably needed.
  • Fat percentage — the higher the body mass index, the lower the chances of getting a fast marijuana detox.
  • Sex — by nature, women have more fat in their bodies. This is especially unfortunate as a study shows that women are more prone to making a habit out of consuming THC. Conversely, men are more likely to try it. In dealing with CUD (cannabis use disorder), gender-tailored detoxification is preferred.
  • Metabolism — a faster metabolism is more active and can get rid of THC quicker. If you are always hot, if you easily get hungry and eat a lot of meals, and you go to the toilet frequently, you are very much in luck for detox from weed. You’ll be done in no time.
  • THC test types — these tests matter indirectly. Just so that you don’t get confused, being THC clear has different definitions for different tests. While a blood test will show you are “clear” of any THC, a hair follicle will say the exact opposite if you haven’t abstained for 3 months.

And, now, the real deal.

There’s Not Just One Best Detox for THC  

How to get weed out of your system fast enough? There are several ways. Some are easy, others not so much, but you should definitely make a perfect combination for yourself. Apply all of these for maximum results.

Drink Plenty of Water

Hydration is necessary for all processes in our bodies. To boost your metabolism rate and chances of getting rid of THC, drink extra fluids.

Drinking too much water before the test, though, could make you retake the test instead of passing it. Labs are very much aware of attempts to dilute the urine’s concentration of THC-COOH and cheap tricks such as taking Vitamin B or creatine supplements to achieve the right shade of yellow.

Physical Activity

The best THC detox methods involve exercise (you already guessed it the moment we mentioned fat storage).

It makes perfect sense. If THC is contained in our fat cells, the most logical way of losing THC is through fat loss, and what other way to do this than with a well-balanced diet and some exercise.

True enough, you are bound to detox your body this way. As for the drug tests, we have to warn you.

As you exercise, your fat cells burn and release THC back into the bloodstream. Hence, THC levels will be higher after an exercise, compared to the sample taken before the exercise.

Therefore, the best marijuana detox requires exercise, but don’t do it right before the test.

Abstain from Cannabis

That’s right. To eliminate THC from your body, you have to stop taking new doses. For some, it may be easy, whereas others may experience difficulties. The following symptoms may or may not appear:

  • Cravings
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • A general feeling of dissatisfaction

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms are individual and depend a great deal on how long the consumption lasted, as well as how much THC was taken over the period.

On the bright side, stress too helps us detox from weed, but it’s not considered healthy and can backfire on you. Get ready for these, especially if you’re a heavy user, and decide how you’re going to quit: gradually, or cold turkey.

Eat Healthily

Weight loss statistics recommend cannabis as a means of achieving a healthy weight, but now you’ll have to refrain from it. By eating healthy foods, you boost your metabolism and help your body cope with the ongoing situation.

THC detox research showed THC blood levels peaked after a 24-hour period of not eating any food, which indicates THC is released from fat cells. Fast and fatty foods will definitely keep the THC inside your body since they are responsible for water retention, making you fatter, and slowing down the metabolism. Therefore, no candies, sugary treats, or eating salty foods such as crisps.

On the contrary, you should be eating food rich in vitamins. Garlic THC detox refers to the fact that garlic, along with other foods, influences the enzymes responsible for detoxification of our body from drugs. Rosemary, chicory, green, and black tea have similar effects.

Dairy products, green leafy vegetables, and grains are filled with calcium and magnesium which lowers anxiety and can aid the withdrawal process.

How to Detox Weed in a Spa

Good news for all those who enjoy a hot treatment! THC detoxing in a sauna can make you lose some THC metabolites through your sweat. Most THC metabolites are lost through the urine, and not all research absolutely agrees on the topic, but the fact remains. Some people can lose more THC via sweat than others, so it’s worth a try.

Avoid Second-Hand Smoking

You won’t get anywhere if you linger around your friends who aren’t on a strict detox regime. Research shows that exposure to second-hand cannabis smoke resulted in participants testing positive for THC.

Eventually, when trying to detox weed, it would be a good idea to stay clear of any cannabis products, unless they are marked as CBD isolates. In addition, as usual, only purchase products from reliable suppliers who offer transparent third-party lab results. This way, you are certain there will be no hidden THC in the oil or capsules you’ve just bought.

Breaking the Detox Myths

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts when it comes to a full THC cleanse. You’ve probably heard various kits and capsule THC detox, drinking vinegar and eating garlic, and who knows what other methods were brought to your attention.

If it were that easy, wouldn’t the THC drug test be a piece of cake then, and wouldn’t countries fear the legalization of cannabis then as its presence would be absolutely undetectable? Think about it. The reality a lot different, but (for the sake of curiosity) let’s analyze some of these methods and explain why they fail.

Drinking Apple Vinegar

While even scientific studies confirm that acidic vinegar helps fight obesity and has anti-oxidative effects, it does not hold true that permanent THC detox is possible solely with the help of vinegar without any other synergies.

You could be dissolving as much apple vinegar in your glass of water as you want, but it’s nowhere near the magic potion.

Using Detox Shampoo

They’re advertised all over the internet as the best solution for a hair THC test. How are they supposed to work? A THC lover washes their hair on the day of the test using the said shampoo. Hopefully, it should coat the hair with protective material and conditioner, making it impossible to take the right sample.

So, this is far from the best detox for weed, but rather a trick on how to pass the test. Unfortunately, blood in the hair follicle still remains. Detox shampoo such as Psychemedics PDT90 does not remove THC from your body, let alone a strand of hair. It only makes it harder to detect THC by masking hair with different chemicals.

Will Detox Kits Do the Trick?

They could be dangerous or useless, at best. The majority of them are advertised as a mixture of natural ingredients that help THC get out of your body. In reality, we’re talking vitamins and laxatives, sometimes even worse.

Top-rated THC detox kits don’t really exist, at least not in a way that reputable web pages are doing a comparison. Wonder why? Probably because of that one case of psychosis induced by a detoxification kit. A 19-year-old developed psychosis after using a detox kit, all in an attempt to get a job. While some disagree, the fact remains: no study has confirmed anyone inventing a magical cure. In other words, a combination of ingredients powerful enough to free a person of THC particles present in their fat cells or blood.

What About THC Detox Drinks?

Do they work? Yes, and no.

Yes, in a way that they can help you detoxify your body, eliminating the various toxins (THC included) from your system.

Does that mean you can have a drink, go to work, and take the drug test without any qualms? Not really.

Taking a look at the instructions on how to use the detoxifying THC drinks, it appears most of them are based on the same principle. Drink it with lots and lots of water, pee three to four times before the test, and your urine should be diluted enough. The stinger detox drink is the most popular one at the moment and it works on the same principles.

Still, as the reviews of detox drinks are usually done with over the counter drug tests, and we haven’t tried them out and taken the urine results to an official lab, we’d say passing the test this way would be a great matter of luck.

Stress or No Stress?

Is stress the best way to detox  THC or not? Exercising is also a form of stress, and it most certainly helps. Dieting too resulted in increased THC levels in the blood. Yet, pushing yourself too hard could result in cravings for “one last” THC intake, which is the worst thing you could possibly do.


What are you to do? Abstain for life then? No, you don’t need to do that. After all, THC has lots of benefits we should enjoy. The employers needn’t always agree whether it’s medical cannabis you’re using, though.

How to detox from weed is a marathon, rather than a quick sprint (to the toilet, most often). And you know there are plenty of marathons. How long your race is going to lasts depends on your overall health, metabolism, and how much THC you gorged yourself with, willingly or unwillingly (remember the second-hand smoking issues).

Drinks and kits are alluring, promising a quick fix for the panic-stricken employees, yet can be easy to see through. There are methods for passing the THC drug tests, but if it’s real THC detox you’re looking for, take our tips to heart and work hard.

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